Dream: Until I’m There: A Poem By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele



It’s a dream
Conceived by no one but me
To be pursued by no one but me
Aim at greatness, fame and legendary
Until its accomplishment, until I’m there.

It’s a dream.
Aiming greatness
Set for all that it takes
Not minding the morass
Ignoring those pessimists
More among friends than foes
Fewer among strangers than relations
Scheming with different antics, games
Aiming at quenching the salvos, flames
Questioning my vision and doggedness
Querying His unwavering supports, aids
Oh! Sometimes seems losing the battles
But never I quit until I’m there and no less.

Truly, it’s hard like a nut
Seldom feel like quitting
Or like saying bye to it
Running away from it
Resigning to fate
Abandoning it
As it tarries
To quit?
But no!

It’s a dream!
The name will ring
The world will hear
And will tell the next
A footprint must be left
Like those that had gone
That had achieved greatly
Whose names last evergreen
Etched in gold, on the marble
Quoting, mentioning, using daily
Never I relent until I’m there, it’s done.

It’s a dream
That mustn’t die
I’d stand unawed by all odds
Keep its flame burning glowingly
Lean on His grace, mercy and blessings
Until the world raises it hands, clap for me
Says well done, kudos, gracias, thank you.
Until I stand tall, tell the world, it’s done. I’m there.


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