Has Achiever Onyelike Gone Mad? (Part 1) By Kizito Duru



Conventionally, a mad man is that hopeless, dirty and destitute person loitering the streets and market places, obviously without reason and purpose and with a characteristic lack of control over his or her thoughts and actions. This general view of the mental disorder called madness has caused people to forget that ‘madness’ can occur in various forms and affect individuals who appear sane but are indeed insane, hence madness is a mental issue and when an individual begins to exhibit certain incongruent, absurd, unwise and stupid actions, an inquest into his/her level of sanity becomes inevitable.

One man who I recommend proper mental assessment for, that should be carried out by a team of adequately trained, qualified and competent psychiatrists is Achiever Onyelike, whose actions and activities of late are nothing to write home about.
I had wanted to allow Achiever to continue to trudge towards the dark path of full blown madness unrestricted, but because I am pained seeing a young man as him continue to derail and display unbridled symptoms of insanity. The earlier his problem is diagnosed and treated, the better for him, because such a handsome man cannot risk a full blown madness. God forbid.

My readers who know the man called Achiever very well should also know that prior to now, he was a media assistant to the incumbent House of Reps member representing Okigwe North Federal Constituency of Imo State, Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri, before he [Achiever] resigned from his job albeit with a cogent reason that had many applauding his decision to quit the image laundering services he had rendered the youthful lawmaker.
In quitting his job, a usually erratic and often attention-seeking Achiever not only announced his resignation on social media where he had limited his media job for his former boss, he rushed to some local tabloids in the State to find journalists who helped him prepare stories about his resignation and published same at a price.
It is on record that months before Achiever parted ways with his former boss, he was able to wangle his way to the chairmanship of the Isiala Mbano Chapter of the National Council of Nigeria [NYCN], a non partisan pressure group, which ultimately made it understandable that Achiever had to choose between two options, either to stay put as a media aide to a known politician and quit his role in the NYCN or remain in the role and resign his job as a media aide.

Achiever may have been flattered by the reactions which trailed his well publicized resignation as media aide to Hon Onwubuariri having been hailed by most of his followers for taking what they deemed a courageous and selfless step that painted him as politically mature, but his subsequent comments and actions left many wondering if he is not tilting to some level of madness.
Few days after making public his resignation, Achiever began to direct overt and covert attacks to his former boss with his actions and comments which were rightly to the surprise of those who had commended him for leaving the comfort, protection, privileges, and other gains obtainable in the camp of a Rep member, for the NYCN.

Obviously, these were Achiever’s words to announce his resignation: “I, Comrade Onyelike Darlington AKA Achiever(sic), do hereby officially announce the resignation of my position as the director of Media and Publicity to Hon. Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri, member representing Okigwe North in the Federal House of Representatives. It is noteworthy to state that my decision to resign the said position is born out of the fact that the position is conflicting with my present position as youth mobilizer in Imo state. It is noteworthy to state further that, I am the coordinator, National youth council of Nigeria (NYCN) – Isiala Mbano chapter, which is a nonpartisan youth organization with its objective and mission to carry the youths along in the scheme of things within and outside Imo state and to provide adequate social-economic(sic) and political security for the youths in Isiala Mbano and Imo state.”

I do not need to be told that a man who came up with such straight and reasonable reason for abandoning his former boss, and never gave even the faintest of indications that he had an issue with his former employer to suddenly turn against him, is degenerating to insanity.
Notably, the concluding part of Achiever’s resignation note also read: “May I use this opportunity to thank in no small way my former Boss, in the person of distinguished Hon. Engr. Obinna Kingsley Onwubuariri for creating the enabling environment for me to serve under him as his media and publicity coordinator. Indeed sir, I owe you gratitude for your benevolence and leading me to my calling as a youth mobilize”. One wonders whether Achiever’s subsequent vilification of his former boss is the gratitude he had promised in a very clear language.

Achiever not only went about town blackmailing his former boss, he has started romancing with every politician who is nursing ambition for the non-vacant Okigwe North’s House of Reps seat. As if that is not enough he has himself declared to run for the same position with the slogan of “Achievable Mandate 2019” which he has left no stone unturned trumpeting [aided by some unskilled social media criers recruited by him], while still the NYCN chairman in his local government.
Achiever who is culpable of exhibiting lunatic tendencies has personally endorsed Simeon Iwuze for the same political position he has declared to run. To add to his chains of incoherent and ridiculous moves, he recently went as far as endorsing Chike Okafor for the Federal House of Reps seat in another federal constituency, Okigwe South, all perhaps for a plate of porridge and without the consent NYCN as a body. He also resorted to doing infantile media jobs to every politician in the state bar his former boss, he announces to the social media, even the amount of oxygen these men breath. Busybody.

I am aware that one attribute of a man inflicted by madness is his characteristic zigzag, directionless movement and actions. When a supposed sane mind begins to make moves that are at their best zigzag, incoherent and directionless, questions over his level of sanity normally arise. This is the same scenario with the Obollo born Achiever, but while I will not conclude that he has gone fully mad, there is the need for him to be mentally examined, so that if it is found that something has gone wrong mentally with him, it would be treated early enough before it gets worse.


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