I Pity The Fool: A Poem By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele


I pity the fool
For seeing education as nothing
Not ready to attend college
Nor learning a craft, trade
Still hopes to be great
Waiting for Miracles

I pity the fool
For ignoring anything wrong in robbery
Defying the security, the law
Snatching others’ property
Killing men just like fowls
Forgetting the Waterloo

I pity the fool
Believing not in tomorrom
Believing only in today
Believing not in God
Behaving like a god
What a pity!

I pity the fool
For not forgetting the wrong of others
For not forgiving his friends
For stoning his minds
Aiming others’ regret
Sadist, wicked

I pity the fool
For failing to say just I’m sorry
At the instance of wronging
A good fellow, a good wife
Allowed the relationship
Crash beyond remedy

I pity the fool
Believing so much in himself
Not ready to change his mind
At the instance of superior argument
Concluded he’s an island of knowledge

I pity the fool
For not knowing that isolation kills
Never sharing ideas with others
Confides all things in himself
Takes no advice from others
Living like a recluse

I pity the fool
For not believing in giving
Enjoying his wealth all alone
Never foresees the unforseen
Disagreeing that tomorrow is pregnant

I pity the fool
A big tree looking down on a young one
Thinking every condition is permanent
Oblivious of the unexpected
Toying with his future
Acting ignorantly

I pity the fool
For importing fake drugs into the nation
Wherein his family members reside
Always happy about the proceeds
But also witnessing their death
Only daily basis
In succession

I pity the fool
For voting in a wrong candidate
For peanut and bottles of beer
Claiming that he has collected
His own shares of democracy
Forgetting tomorrow
Advance in penury

I pity the fool
For not investing his income
Not saving for the raining days
Spending like a father Christmas
Without minding the aftermaths

I pity the fool
Who despises the little beginning
Waiting for blessings from others
Hoping to become a panjandrum
Loves to live like a popinjay
Acting like an upstart
But remains stagnant
I’m sorry!

I pity a fool
For expecting others to pay him back
‘Cause he’s helped them in the past
Nagging, lamenting, complaining
Not ready to agree that
It doesn’t work that way
All the time

I pity the fool
For neglecting his family
At the mercy of concubine
Feeling on top of the world
Covering his foolishness with lies
Unknowing such enjoyment is fugitive

I pity the fool
For not fulfilling the electoral pledges
Now making himself unaccessible
Giving untenable excuses
Siphoning public funds
Hmmm! Unbelievably
There is another life
After power

I pity the fool
Calling himself a clergyman
Duping members in the name of God
Acting in contrary to the scripture
Twisting the words of God
To suit his selfish interest
Upon ephemerals
All is vanity

I pity the fool
Who doesn’t prepare for the hereafter
Appreciating materialism in excess
Soaking deep in mundane affairs
Walloping in ungodly acts
Amplifying blasphemies
Celebrating sacrileges
Sponsoring evil shows
What a shame!
What a pity!

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