IPOB Thanks Ndigbo For Suspending Biafra Remembrance Day



On behalf of our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the National Secretariat of the Authentic Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (a-IPOB) extend special compliments to Ndigbo, the Southeast leaders, security agencies and Nigerians for a hitch-free celebration of the 2018 Democracy Day.

Nigerians were apprehensive of May 30, 2018, a date traditionally set aside by the a-IPOB under the able, relentless and insightful leadership of our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as remembrance day for the fallen heroes and heroines of the Biafran struggles and particularly, victims of the 1967-70 Nigerian civil war.

However, for special reasons IPOB suspended a public memorial anniversary, as part of the strategic retreat, rebranding and refocusing of the vision and modus operandi of a-IPOB in pursuit of the realization of an independent Republic of Biafra.

It is undeniable that we shall continue to mourn our beloved ones and martyrs of the secession struggles. They occupy a special place in our hearts. And their souls and spirits nourish and strengthen the struggles infinitely. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace.

In any case, the decision to suspend the public memorial anniversary was collectively taken and sealed by our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Therefore, we were surprised, enraged and vexatious at the illegal, dubious and criminal attempts by a faction of IPOB led by a resentful character called Mazi Chika Edoziem to hijack and exploit this solemn day for personal gains.

But contrary to our resolution, the faction proceeded to issue a sit-at-home order to Ndigbo on May 30, 2018 in observance of the memorial anniversary and threatened to coercively enforce compliance in the Southeast region. The national secretariat of IPOB was thoroughly embarrassed and saddened by the affront, actions and conduct of the renegades, which was designed to ridicule, disgrace and belittle our genuine and noble aspirations’.

The national secretariat of IPOB perceived the posture and agenda of the splinter group as criminal racketeers, profiteers and betrayers of the struggle.

We conveyed our serious displeasure, aversion and exemption to the in-house acts of treachery and sabotage. The sit-at-home order was expressly condemned and denounced in all ramifications to Ndigbo and Nigerians in a message we released on the eve of the memorial anniversary.

We are delighted and indeed, appreciate Ndigbo and Nigerians generally for complying with our superior order and instruction, urging them to shun or disregard the sit-at-home order by a faction of IPOB.

The entire Southeast and everywhere Ndigbo are domiciled in Nigeria, the sit-at-home order was punctured and disregarded in its entirety, as normal businesses and every day activities went on as usual and seamlessly, without harassment, intimidation or molestation by any individual or group, parading itself as IPOB.

Our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is pleased with Ndigbo for refusing to harken to the destructive orders of the hijackers, saboteurs’ and enemies of the entire Igbo race. No one shall be permitted to derail the vision and agenda of a-IPOB.

But let us strongly warn and place on record that a repeat of this shameful scenario would neither be condoned nor treated with levity.

Henceforth, any faction which contravenes the resolutions and directives of the original IPOB shall be compelled to bear the brunt. The a-IPOB would not hesitate to identify and penalize or punish the masterminds to serve as deterrence. And we shall spare no option in curbing their excesses or seeming “madness”, including mob action against the culprits.

It is certain that Ndigbo has triumphed and those who refused to comply with the sit-at-home order by the deviant faction have shamed the haters of Igbo race and conspirators against the interests of Ndigbo. We salute all of you specially, as champions of this struggle.

May we reiterate that no one should contemplate or assume the mistake of anointing the Biafran agitations with the balm of a sponsored or paid racket for interests injurious to this worthy cause. Individuals or groups who have harboured the thoughts of exploiting the Biafran struggle of the entire Igbo race for personal benefits are warned to purge themselves of such tendencies, as we shall not tolerate it any guise or anytime in future.

We remain firm, resolute and committed to the cause or ideals of self-determination and the pursuit of an independent State of Biafra. The dream would remain evergreen in our memories.

But it is utterly senseless and irrational to continue to adopt violence, which is damaging to our social, political and economic interests, in the pursuit of this ambition. We have resolved to henceforth adopt non-violent and conventional methods in the pursuit of the realization of a Biafran State, with dignity and pride.

Once again, we convey to you fraternal greetings and appreciation from our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for collectively standing by us in the trying moments. We are sincerely most grateful and the original IPOB shall not hesitate to keep you abreast with developments from time to time.

Thank You All.



Mazi Anayo Mbakwe

Director, Strategic Communications,

Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB).

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