My Wife Is Fetish, Separate Us, Husband Begs Court


The woman standing there, my Lord, I mean my wife is a devil, she jumps from one herbalist to another, she is diabolically wicked. She once called me on the phone while I was away on travel that she will kill my daughter who is her step child”

” I am tired of her. She will kill me one day”

A 52 year old truck driver, Adesuyi Omole told an Ikare Akoko Customary Court while defending himself in a divorce suit filed against him in the court by his wife, Adesuyi Odunayo.

Adesuyi stated that his wife is fond of disrespecting his family members and fights them at the slightest opportunity.

“I am happy that she was the one that is asking for this dissolution, she is free to go” Adesuyi declared.

He however denied the claims brought against her by her wife.

“On her claim that I don’t take care of her, it is a gross lie my Lord. Whenever I buy clothes for her I also buy for her mother, I mean my mother-in-law. I always male sure that there is food in the house and also provide for all her needs”

Adesuyi also told the court that his  wife denied him access to the only child of the marriage, six year old Adesuyi Emmanuel.

The defendant however informed the court that her wife has returned the dowry price which he paid on her.

Mrs Adesuyi Odunayo, a 41 year old house wife had approached the court seeking an end to her six year old marriage with the defendant.

She was seeking the dissolution on the grounds of frequent fighting, lack of care for herself and the only issue of the marriage, threat to life and no rest of mind.

After listening to the statements of the two parties, the court president, Mr S.S. Rotimi with whom was Mr Francis Gbiri granted the prayers of the plaintiff.

In its judgement, the court stated that the love between the two has faded and that it cannot bound together two unwilling partners and therefore dissolved the marriage.

It ordered that the only child of the marriage, a six year old boy who has been in the custody of the plaintiff should continue to be there since his father, Adesuyi Omole is not settled.

It also ordered that the defendant should be paying a monthly feeding allowance for the child with effect from November 30, 2017.

The plaintiff was also ordered to be taking the child to a government hospital and obtaining receipts in respect of treatment whenever he is sick.

The defendant was however told to come to court via a summons when he is stable and ready to take custody of the child.

A 30 day right of appeal was however given to any of the party who is not satisfied with the judgment.

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