Open Letter To Gombe State Governor, Ibrahim H. Dankwambo OON, On Health Issue And Provision Water In Gombe


I have to state clearly that I casted my vote for you during the 2015 general election not because I totally believed in your government to bring the needed change to Gombe State but because, just like other people, I didn’t want the other aspirant (A.P.C in particular) administration to be in power (the decision I don’t regret till this day). I encouraged some people to also cast their votes for you but I wish to say that I am disappointed by some of your administration’s policies so far.

I have the honor to bring to your notice the lack of medical facilities in Government hospitals. I hope you will take serious notice of this and instruct the quarters concerned to do something to improve the situation. With the exception of few hospitals, the general condition in government hospitals is very deplorable, in these hospitals; the life-saving drugs are not available. The patients are advised to buy them from the medical stores.

All pathological tests are not available in the hospital laboratories. For some of them, the patients have to visit private laboratories. Oxygen cylinders are not in proper working order, and patients have to go without them.

Arrangements for blood tests are not up to the mark, and during transfusion, some patients succumb to death. This is sheer killing. Facilities of physiotherapy are very rare. Specialists working in the hospitals are found persuading the patients to visit their private clinics. In the wards, the number of beds is not enough to accommodate all the indoor patients with the result that many patients are found lying in the mattress. Old infrastructure, hot climate and lack of funding provide a bad environment situation. The government should provide funding of infection-free rooms to hospitals. It`s hard to expect any good medical treatment in a dirty room (Please visit Female Ward in Specialist hospital).

Majority of hospitals in the state don’t even have enough to provide electricity. What does it mean for Gombe? Even if doctors want to help – they can`t do that without funding. How much is your government budgeted for provision, improvement and renovating of health facilities.

Lack of Tools while some clinics in Gombe can have the modern medical equipment, Gombe State government should also deal with the problem of bad hospital equipment. This includes cars, surgeon rooms, x-ray rooms, etc. Lack of Empathy Gombe doctors and nurses are known to lack compassion People looking for help will suffer when it comes to doctor-patient relationship. It`s not a usual thing for healthcare practitioners in other countries

Sir, concerning the issue of water in the state,you confirmed the fact that more than 60 per cent of Gombe State residents have access to clean water before 2011 and you promised to improve on that by building mini water works in every local government in the state, along with other water programs. Sir, what have you done to improve on this status putting in mind that the GM of Water Corporation of Gombe State recently confirmed on Voices that more than 70 per cent of us still don’t have access to water? What are your administration’s achievements in this regard?

Despite this poor or irregular water supply, the state government claimed that over N7.2 billion was spent in the provision of water supply since 2012. The figure excludes recurrent expenditure and overhead cost.

Water is life, without water people can’t survive comfortably. If you cannot maintain or provide portable water for Gombe people, how can you manage and end fuel scarcity in Nigeria with your ambition of becoming next president.

Your Excellency sir, I wish to state clearly that this letter is not in support of any of your opposition but in sole support of what is good for this state. On your part, we hoped for a better government under your administration, but it now clearly shows that we get nothing more than empty promises and cheap propaganda on water and health. We can only pray that we don’t experience the same administration again. I have my personal respect for you butI can’t join your team for presidential campaign if things continue the way they are now.

In conclusion, some of the questions that will be going through Your Excellency’s minds are why did I write this? And what do I want? I personally believe we have to grow beyond sentiments about those that govern us if we really want to move in the right direction; I think your administration has performed below what is expected of you (In terms of health, pensioner’s emolument/benefit, water and revenue).

We need a leader that thinks beyond the next term in office and how to build a legacy that the next generation will be proud of. I believe strongly that this administration is not better than the previous administration in terms of health and water except for the road constructions, education, sanitation, security, traffic control among others.

Yours concern citizen

Abubakar Isyaku

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