PMB And The Islamization Hoax By Philip Agbese  



I have had cause to reply Murray, Editor in Chief of Spectator Magazine in February 2017 when he attempted to set the ball rolling for a narrative that they initiated to discredit the Buhari Presidency.

It is not my intention to engage any local audience in this piece neither is it targeted at those who have sworn to hate the Buhari Presidency for the singular fact that they hate what he stands for and prefer to keep stealing, being corrupt, killing others and burning churches without being held to account.

Those who maintain this mindset are direct beneficiaries of the erstwhile corrupt regime, dependants and lackeys of these direct beneficiaries and those who are ignorant and are too lazy to educate themselves. The past administration they fantasize about and nostalgically demand we return to was one under which bombing began and became a daily occurrence in Nigeria, plane crashes were like every other month and the evil of kidnapping that is still being battled today had its root from that era.

In all these, they never bothered to study the Bible, read it from cover to cover, to supplicate to the almighty God for enlightenment that would help them better appreciate things to be thankful to God for and the pitfalls to avoid in life, like partaking in the proceeds of corruption. Knowledge of the good book might have provoked some sort of contrition as opposed to their current state of suddenly becoming “born again”, product of allergic reactions to a righteous Muslim being the President of our country. This being the case, we must beseech our maker to let President Muhammadu Buhari continue beyond 2019 so that the temporariness of these overnight brethren’s zeal will transit into permanence and they continue to remain closer to God for the hands to perpetually stay out the nation’s till.

I read recently that mad fanatics of ISIS beheaded 12 Christians in Libya. This was what Boko Haram wanted to replicate in Nigeria using weapons supplied by non-Muslims after feeding on food sold by those who worship their bank accounts rather than God. PMB’s Presidency truncated such vision of horror that Boko Haram desperately wanted to implement thus making many Nigerians happy but a few continue to rue the loss of lucre to the decisiveness of their President to end any form profiteering from human misery.

They now parade in places that no longer possess glory, they would have become history – more accurately consigned to the dustbin of history, but for social media, which has an army of gullible, people that are easily manipulated because they expose themselves to a constant diet of fake news. It is among this group that the hoax continues to trend that PMB wants to Islamize Nigeria, yet it is was their idol, the shoeless deity of cluelessness that went angling for a photo-op at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting.

When the blind is led by one devoid of sight the ensuing disaster will be boundless. Those chorusing Islamization agenda are led by no other than one Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK, a prophet of false alarm whose change of name was never met with a commensurate change in manners. FFK as their high priest sees visions of which he tells his gullible followers about daily, warning about the dangers of hell if they do not rise up to stop PMB from turning their country into an Islamic enclave. But he never owns up to clarify that his visions are product of substance induced hallucinations with nothing divinely inspired about them.

A people that will not study their scriptures will also not peruse genuine news. They would have read about the Cambridge Analytica scandal that indicted ‘His Cluelessness’ as the originator of the Islamization Hoax as part of an elaborate ploy to prevent PMB from emerging to clean out the rot that had been allowed to fester for 16 years. Anyone still chanting Islamization Agenda after the Cambridge Analytica exposé is deserving of psychiatric intervention as an evaluation would be pointless at that stage since the money for a clinical investigation of such a person’s mental health would be better spent procuring anti-psychotic medications.

A sane mind would question what other agenda there are in the land. The flipside of the Islamization Agenda is a Christianization Agenda – commercial clerics paid with public funds on tear-shedding trip to the Wailing Wall in Israel is a spectacle we must not forget so easily. In all these, the defenders of the faith lose sight of defending other faiths – as if they are not aware that their own belief system has facilitated the demise of others. They should be sincere to declare what accommodations they offer adherents of Ogun, Sango, Amadioha, Alekwu, Obatala and the rest.

But again, what is the point wasting words on a set of misguided people that have adopted FFK as their Chief Priest? Even the Holy Book he quotes out context is conclusive on his status in Ecclesiastics 10:13 “What the wise say brings them honor, but fools are destroyed by their own words. They start out with silly talk and end up with pure madness.” Even further chastisement is to be found in Proverbs 10:19 “The more you talk, the more likely you are to sin. If you are wise, you will keep quiet.” (Good News Translation)

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