Why Has Gov. Okorocha Failed To ‘Anoint’ Imo State? By Kizito Duru



Recently, the social media, especially Facebook, were flooded with pictures of Governor Okorocha performing an anointing service, at the Government House Chapel, Owerri.

The pictures have generated divergent views, with many frowning at the action of the governor. Nevertheless, they have gone viral enough to stimulate discourse on dual role of the Governor as a politician and cleric at the same time.

Many questioned the spiritual standi upon which the governor performed such spiritual exercise which is often the sole duty of the clergies. Few others who supported the governor were of the logic that, the governor, as the supreme leader of the State, has the spiritual backing to perform the task. In defence of the governor’s action, an artiste in the State with the stage name, Achara Man, in his post, revealed that, Okorocha, as a governor, is in charge of all principalities and powers.

His post partly read, “People have different interpretation(sic) of what leadership is to them, and until you get into their shoes you will continue to see things differently from them.
Governorship position qualifies one to be the number citizen in the state, and in that capacity the governor is in charge of the principalities and powers, because he is holding the mandate of every single person in the state, be you a lawyer, business men, clergy, native doctors, drivers, artists and so on.
So if the governor of a state gose(sic) to church and the spirit of God ask him to anoint his people, because we also need to understand that him being the governor is not by his strength rather its by the grace of God, then it’s cool.”

The Mbaise born rapper continued,
“Mind you nobody goes to the government house chapel with his or her phone on, so for this(sic) pictures to surface online today the authorities in charge of government house media has no query to answer. It’s just that most people now don’t want the governor to succeed, I just wish we give this man some breading(sic) space. He is the governor of our dear state until may 2019. My opinion though.”

In affirmation, a vocal supporter of the Rescue Mission government of Okorocha, Mr Fcc Onwuasoanya, while citing biblical leaders like King David and Solomon, posited that the number one citizen of Imo State is also the spiritual leader of the State, by virtue of his office and accused critics of the Ogboko born politician of mischief.

Onwuasoanya’s piece read, “A governor is not merely a political leader, but also the spiritual head of any Constituency he is leading. This is both Biblical, Quranical and traditional. Those who find fault with this, either do not know the extent of the powers of the head of an entity or deliberately being mischievous.

It is a good thing that we have a governor who takes things of the true God seriously. Some of those who are complaining about this are under heavy bondage in some demonic kingdoms as a result of some devilish covenants they have been forced to enter into with their political paymasters.

Kings David, Solomon and other Kings of Israel were not just political leaders of the people of Isreal, they were also their spiritual leaders. They blessed people through the pouring of anointing oil.

In African tradition, loyal and wise citizens crave the anointing and blessing of their leaders, even till date. Till date, we still see politicians kneeling before traditional rulers who would use either oil or water to pray for them and anoint them.

In Igboland especially, wise people crave the blessings and anointing of accomplished men and even women. Blessings from accomplished individuals in the society are relished by those who know the value. If I was(sic) one of those who went to the Victory Chapel today, I would have rushed to the podium to receive the anointing from the governor.”

Really, without any sentiment, the assertions from the young men above are not far from the truth. I have seen fathers anoint their children even when such fathers are not clergies, but because they head the family, both physically and spirituality, they can perform such act on their children. Gov Okorocha undoubtedly is the father as far as Imo State as a family is concerned, hence there may be nothing wrong with what he did last Sunday at the Victory Chapel.

However, what Okorocha didn’t get right was anointing some persons ehike leaving the State ‘unanointed’. There is actually nothing wrong with the people of Imo State, but, evidently, there is something wrong with Imo State under Okorocha’s watch. As the one one citizen of the State and a democratically elected governor, administering good governance should be the priority of the governor. Imo State, economically, is on the down side and no amount of anointing oil at the palms of the Governor, deposited on the foreheads of the few Imolites that worship at the Government House Chapel can change that, until the governor resolves to take pragmatic and physical actions.

Okorocha’s government rode on the mantra of creating jobs, building factories and erecting industries to win his reelection. Since then and with less than a year to complete his tenure as a governor, one is tempted to ask, where are the jobs, factories and industries? Most of the people who were gainfully employed during the tenure of expression governor Ohakim lost jobs few months after Okorocha won the 2011 guber election. His 25,000 Imo Youths Must Work Program, like many of my comic friends would say, ‘appeared vum and disappared vam’ . Most young men and women who were among the ten thousand workers that governor Ohakim recruited, but were sacked by Okorocha, decided to make both ends meet by going into business at the popular and ancestral Eke Ukwu Owerri.

They had barely settled down in their new found environment and businesses when the Governor, turned pastor Okorocha, determined to frustrate the lives of these enterprising youths and other millions of traders in the market and against the ruling and order of the court, once more located them with his ignoble anointing oil and his reckless bulldozers and demolished, without compensation to the owners, over Ten Thousand shops(10,000) and goods worth billions of Naira, and in the process of the demolition, a young soul, Master Somtochukwu, was lost. Not even a penny was given to the victims and owners of the shops by the government to encourage them to start up another meaningful business. This is unlike a leader who should know better that the market provided a handy alternative to the teeming graduates in the state. Many of them who couldn’t find nor rely on white collar jobs, opted for business in the market, instead of becoming a nuisance into the society.

Pensioners in the State need the financial anointing of Gov Okorocha. Sometimes last year, the National Union of Pensioners dragged the governor to the law courts to challenge the governor’s demand for them to forfeit a minimum 60 percent of their pension arrears and gratuities, by signing a form prepared by the government. These are men and women who dutifully laboured day and night for the growth and development of the State. For a governor to asked for a 60 percent slash of the arrears, even when some of them earn as little as a thousand Naira monthly, such a governor is not spiritually unfit to administer anointing service oil to anyone; His heart is not free from wickedness and evil against his fellow men.

What my friend Onwuasoanya Fcc failed to acknowledge in his post was that kings like David and Solomon were men filled with compassion. They didn’t subject their subjects to poverty, pain and penury like Okorocha has continually and continuously done. Spirituality, especially from the Christian perspective demands you do right always. As a governor, Okorocha right deed should be measured with the way he has governed Imo State for Seven years. What Okorocha did on Sunday in Victory Chapel at of so-called altar of God is an insult to God; the governed are not happy, some, notably pensioners, have died out of frustration, yet the governor feels at home with his vindictive and insensitive actions. They potency of Okorocha’s anointing should reflect in the State not on the foreheads of some select sycophants. The real anointing service of any elected leader lies in his ability to deliver good governance and so far, in a scale of 100, I score Okorocha 30, which is not a pass mark. I ask again, why has Okorocha with all his anointing prowess refused to anoint Imo State?

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