22 Killed In Fresh Communal Violence In Nigeria


About 22 people were killed in a fresh communal attack in northeastern Nigeria, a local official said on Friday.

The attack occurred in the Wukari local government area of the Taraba state, Adi Daniel, the chairman of Wukari, said.

The attackers — suspected to be the Tiv ethnic militia — targeted the suburbs in the Jukun area in the wee hours of Friday, setting ablaze many houses.

“People of Wukari woke up to the dastardly attack and arsons on their homes early today. 22 people have died while 10 sustained injuries,” Daniel told Anadolu Agency.

The attack is seen as a continuation of the internecine clashes between the ethnic Tiv and Jukun communities.

The hostilities, which date back to many decades, resumed three weeks ago with dozens already dead and thousands displaced.

Both ethnic groups have been blamed for the violence which many link to struggle for a political control and land ownership rights.

Police spokesman David Misal said he was “aware of the development” but was quiet about the casualties.

“I can’t say at the moment how many people were killed because I got to know of the incident through a phone call from one of the communities affected,” he told Anadolu Agency over the phone.

“I am still waiting for proper briefing from the police team in the area.”

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