3 Dead As Thunder Strikes In Niger State

Three young lads were killed by thunderbolt in Paiko area of Niger State following a heavy rainstorm that was characterised by strong windstorm and thunderous activities in the area.
The storm began in the late afternoon as the sparse clusters of cloud that had earlier gathered on the skyline cascaded into dusty wind and storm heralding the rains which were soon followed by the thunder strike.
The victims were said to have gone to pluck Mango fruits at the forest area of the bushland of the community where they met with their untimely death.
The fourth victim who narrowly missed death was however struck and left unconscious by the electromagnetic force of the thunderbolt which injured him and wrecked havoc on the trees in the area.
The injured survivor is presently being treated for wounds and shock while the remains of the deceased have since been buried leaving the community awe-stricken by the incidence.
The start of the rains each raining season, as well as their twilights, are usually marked by thunder strikes, sometimes with casualties and sometimes devastations of structures, trees and other visible objects.
Last year, a similar incident at Bosso area of the state had killed a young girl, a junior secondary school student who was rushing back home from the place where she had gone to plait her hair in her neighborhood as she approached the last curve to her parents’ house.

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