An End Must Be Sought: (A Poem Written By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)

Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele

“It’s somehow tough, rough”
A statement that jumped out
From the mouth of a known rich man
Beamoning the current happenings
Like the lazy, like the hardworking.

At the moment
The slogan is differ
Distantly from normal one
Indeed, with a different tone.

What an unpalatable lyrics
So sour to sing and listen to
More men shout “it isn’t easy”
At official and unofficial settings

May God forbid austerity, poverty
That’s the only litany at every vigil, fellowship
Gone are the days when prayer points were many.
Now, everyone is yearning for nothing but just feeding.

Money has turned gold
Difficult to see, so to have
No work, no pay, more are idle
Survival is like climbing a steep hill.

Casualties are not limited
To human beings in the house
Dogs, goats and chickens are too
No food for man, no waste for chickens.

The cause is yet unknown
Economists are just guessing
Those in power deeply soak in confusion
Crystal ball only sees blurrily at the moment.

To this austerity,
An end must be sought
Comfort returns, harshness leaves
Smiles must reappear, and stay for life
And radiate on every face, cheek, mouth.

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