Anambra: Managing The Victory By Gab Okpalaeze


Like a strange perversity in the cosmic plane, one of the things mortals find difficult to manage and take control of, is success or victory.

It is ironical that most men struggle to keep head above water, beating all odds in the process to come out tops, only to get carried away by the euphoria of success or victory so achieved. No wonder, in one of his books “Survive the Peace”, written soon after the Nigeria-Biafra War, our revered late novelist, Dr. Cyprian Ekwensi, depicted how most people could not cope with the reality of end of war, hence were caught up in the web of trying to adjust to the new found peace.

But there are few men who defy this phenomenon and still keep eye on the ball, even in the face of victory already achieved. Governor Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano belongs to this rare category of men. With all the songs of praise and encomiums coming in from both friends and political foes, occasioned by his landslide victory at the recently concluded gubernatorial polls, the governor has refused to be controlled by the spirit of self actualization. Instead, Governor Obiano has continued in his job of delivering democracy dividends across the communities of the state.

Without sitting back to continue to be adored and hero-worshipped by his subjects, Governor Obiano, immediately after victory, commenced the equitable distribution of a consignment of four hundred electric transformers to communities of the state.

The result is that the joy of the people has risen to a higher crescendo, giving them an insight into what they stand to benefit in the next four years. Just as the state workforce was receiving alert for 2017 leave allowance, the usual salary alert came on the 24th of November, signaling a good hope of what is to follow in the Christmas and new year promises to civil and public servants. In some not-so-lucky states of the federation, the rest of the year 2017, would have been devoted to wining and dining in celebration of the electoral fortunes; but, not so for Willie’s Anambra state.

Again, it is common knowledge that projects and other government programmes usually stop completely or get slowed down soon after election expenses, under previous administrations, but not so with Anambra of Willie Obiano’s dream. A move across the state reveals that Willie is willingly working on roads, street lighting, electricity, sanitation projects, security, education, health and other innumerable programmes.

It is not out of place that the people of the state have continued to roll out drums and other musical instruments, to dance to the glory of one who has kept faith with the mandate given to him in 2013. Yes, they are not wasting the time, energy and other resources deployed in singing his praises. Honour or dishonor is unjust when underserved, but just when awarded according to merit.

Governor Willie Obiano simply merited this honour he is now receiving across the corners of Anambra state. What could be more evident of his total acceptance than his score of twenty-one over twenty-one in all the local government areas of the state?

Now that the governor has taken the lead by settling down for continued governance, it behooves Ndi-Anambra from all walks of life and with all shades of opinion, to join hands with him in lifting the state to the most enviable height in Nigeria. Let us achieve this via practical demonstration of faith in the leadership of the state, as he stirs the ship to safe lands.

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