Another UK Lawmaker Suspended Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

MP Charlie Elphicke has been suspended by the Conservatives after "serious allegations" that have been referred to the police, the party has said.

Mr Elphicke, a former party whip who has been the MP for Dover since 2010, has denied any wrongdoing.

In a post on Twitter, the married 46-year-old wrote: "The party tipped off the press before telling me of my suspension.

"I am not aware of what the alleged claims are and deny any wrongdoing."

The party has not provided any further detail about the nature of the allegations, and did not reveal who had made a complaint about him.

However, it comes amid growing concern in Westminster over the conduct of politicians following a string of allegations of serious sexual abuse in Parliament.

Sir Michael Fallon resigned as defence secretary earlier this week following allegations about his conduct.

Labour MPs Clive Lewis and Kelvin Hopkins are being investigated by the party over allegations about their behaviour.

The Conservatives have published a new code of conduct for MPs and other elected representatives, while Labour has introduced a new complaints procedure.

Prime Minister Theresa May is due to meet opposition party leaders, including Jeremy Corbyn, on Monday to discuss proposals to bring forward a new grievance system for Westminster staff and MPs.

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