Applauding the Giant Strides of Comrade Osadebe in Oshimili South Local Government; Towards Consolidating on Okowa’s Prosperity for All Agenda


by Okafor Uche

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”—Ronald Reagan

Today in Delta state, it is no longer news, but visible reality, that the administration of Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is like a house built upon a rock, which cannot be hidden. Since inception, Dr Okowa has in an unprecedented matter promoted unity, peace, justice, fairness, equal distribution of the commonwealth of the people of Delta through his administration’s practice of all inclusiveness in governance.

What is rather remarkable is the replication of the above feats at the local government levels by some local council chairmen, in other to be at par with the state government’s commitment to ensure no part of the state is unfairly treated in the distribution of the state’s common patrimony.

Governor Okowa, whose sterling style of leadership has ensured security of lives and property of indigenes and residents of the state, has equally made Delta the envy of other states in the country, following his dedication to service and transformational leadership model in the state, which can be directly seen across the Local Government Areas in the state, as witnessed in the sterling qualities of the Oshimili South Local government Council Chairman, Comrade Uche Osadebe.

In Oshimili South local government, which coincidentally has her Headquaters in Asaba, the state capital, where Comrade Osadebe currently preside as the Chairman, governance has been completely returned to the people, an occurrence seen as a true manifestation of the definition of democracy, as defined as a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Comrade Uche Osadebe since assumption of office, have completely broken down the walls, which often separate the citizens from their leaders, as his leadership of the local government today epitomizes the scene as a meek, simple and easily accessible servant leader.

Upon being sworn in as the Executive Chairman’l of the local government in January 2018, Comrade Osadebe and his team left no one in doubts about the determination, towards complementing the efforts of Governor Okowa, in his urban renewal projects. Without any delay, the local government moved out graders to do justice to many access roads to communities within the local government, many of whom have been denied of government attention and access in the past. This brought major relief to residents of this area, as they ease of getting to their business and residential premises with vehicles, became easier than it has ever been. In consolidating on this efforts, Governor Okowa also gave his nod for the construction and completion of several other roads in the metropolis, all with the intention to open a new vista of life for the people of the State.

On security, the Osadebe administration in Oshimili South has continued to work effectively with the various security agencies, in order to ensure sure an adequate security of lives and properties and maintenance of law and order, which is one fundamental responsibility of government to its citizens.

So, why are the people not applauding and celebrating these uncommon feats?

In the near two years, Comrade Osadebe leadership has been paying salaries without backlogs; he has even continuously serviced accumulated debts of the Local Goverment, inherited by his administration.

At present, there is no worker being owed either his salary or otherwise, following his Excellency’s directive that no government worker should be owed a dime as workers deserve their wages.

While there were unprepared interventions that went unreported while the Osadebe administration such as the resettlement effort for persons displaced as a result of the perennial rising and overflow of the Nigerian river into various communities in the local government.

This is simply because Comrade Uche Osadebe, a protege and thorough groomed Servant Leader, pro-democracy activist and dogged follower of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa-led people oriented governance is not just a simple, intellectually-driven and humble leader of the local government council, but typifies and embodies what one can best describe as ‘a leader who leads his people from within’; so as to ensure their pulse and heartbeats are inculcated into government projects.

His style of leadership in the local council, which is a direct influence of His Excellency, Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa purposeful and responsive administration in the state has no doubt, endeared the council boss to everyone within and outside the local government; thereby, ensuring and guaranteeing the present support being enjoyed by him, among his people, in order to ensure even development and further growth of the the local government.

However, the great and elated people of Oshimili south are hopeful that when the early days of January, 2020 comes, the two years memorable administration of Comrade Osadebe as council chairman of Oshimili South LGA will be written on the marbles of both history and posterity for men and women of good conscience to judge.

In the next few months the people will have more reasons to evaluate the scorecard of one of their best hands and one of its finest in Comrade Uche Osadebe, as other landmark projects currently being embarked upon by his administration, would have been completed. No doubt, the people of Oshimili South will come smooching and canoodling with the council head in appreciation for remaining true to genuine service delivery in the past two years.

At present, the headquarters secretariat of the local government, is about wearing a new look, as a total facelift is currently being undertaken by Osadebe administration. This is just among others such as the ultramodern Vocational Skill acquisition centre is nearing it’s completion. Also in a radical move Comrade Osadebe is leading an unprecedented environmental operation, aimed at keeping Asaba consistently clean, as the state capital. This, he is doing by working closely with communities, markets, small and major business organisations within the local. He has dedicated himself and other officials of the LGA, to a daily advocacy and campaign, towards promoting environmental sanitation among his people, while also recommending sanctions for offenders.

Comrade Osadebe represents simplicity, humility, credibility and accountability. He has maintained a sustained commitment to youth development through creating job opportunities for a good number of young people in the local government.

His dedication is unwavering and no doubt, this vanguard of democracy and good governance, will continue to work tirelessly towards ensuring the realization of the prosperity for all Agenda, of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

Oshimili South great days are ahead.

Okafor Uche is an Investment Banker and Public Commentator.
He sent in this piece from Asaba, Delta State.

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