Apple Faces Lawsuit Over Breach Of Contract

Qualcomm is accusing Apple of using its “unprecedented access” to Qualcomm’s code to help its arch-rival Intel.

Qualcomm is suing Apple for breach of contract, saying the Cupertino company failed to protect the chip maker’s software, Bloomberg is reporting.

According to the report, “Apple made an e-mail request for proprietary information from Qualcomm and included an Intel engineer on the distribution list, according to the suit. It also alleges an Apple engineer working with a competitor asked a colleague to request information from Qualcomm on data download technology.”

The lawsuit, filed this week in San Diego, comes as no surprise given the bickering between the two tech titans over technology licensing fees.

Qualcomm patent fees, which cover the basics of how mobile phone systems work, are too high, according to Apple. The iPhone maker even went so far as to say that Qualcomm is taking advantage of its strong market position by overcharging. Qualcomm, however, has called Apple a liar, saying the firm is simply trying to bully it into lowering its patent fees.

The fighting between the two firms began earlier this year when Apple stopped its royalty payments and sued Qualcomm for $1 billion. Apple has alleged that Qualcomm was charging fees for technologies unrelated to its patents.

The feud between the two companies appears to be a confirmation of a report from Reuters that Apple is creating iPhones without Qualcomm technologies, possibly for as early as next year.

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