Boeing To Fix 737 Max By Month-End

The wreckage of an aircraft that plunged into a South Sudan lake, killing 21, (Photo: Radio Miraya/Twitter)

Boeing has told airlines it will have new software for its troubled 737 Max ready by the end of March.

The plane has been grounded following the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft crash earlier this month, which killed 157 passengers and crew.

The documents confirm the software update will limit the operation of the controversial MCAS system.

The system was being used by a Lion Air 737 Max which crashed off the coast of Indonesia last year.

There are “clear similarities” between the two, according to investigators.

Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg, who is the chairman, president and chief executive of the company, said in an open letter: “Soon we’ll release a software update and related pilot training for the 737 MAX that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the Lion Air Flight 610 accident.”

He said the company had been working in “full co-operation” with the relevant authorities and regulators.

There will also be changes to the cockpit warning systems, the flight crew operating manual will be updated and there will be computer-based training for pilots.

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