Christopher Okaeben: A Case of A Thief Crying Foul


There is an African saying that “you might not count the remorse of a thief when he has been caught as repentance, though it gets him some level of pity. But when the thief is still bragging with a sharp mouth, then he deserves all the beating he can get”.

I have followed the BEDC saga for quite some time, with the various twist, and the connection it has with some members of the Edo State House of Assembly. The open annoyance displayed by the State Governor shows how critical the issue is, with respect to the hardship it has cost the
good people of the state.

Interestingly, an alleged saboteur in the whole process, with an allegation of over a hundred million naira on his head, still unashamedly dancing macabre outside, beats my imagination.

Chris Okaeben is not only unapologetic in his actions, but also brandishes his crass incompetence and poor understanding of the position he occupies. Replying to Com. Edigin through his social media account, he said he owed no one explanation save the people of Oredo West, whom he represents in the hallowed Chamber. This is someone that seats as the Chairman in the Committee on Power in the House.
Is Chris the chairman on power for Oredo West alone?
Is the meeting between the BEDC, EDOSCO, and EDHA, his constituency meeting? Why was he in attendance?

Again instead of Chris to answer the question about his share of 13million naira from the 100 million naira that exchanged hands between BEDC and members of EDHA (Committee on Power), he is busy dodging the question with kindergarten politics that he is not even good at. He is trying to play the victim when he is actually the villain. Whether Com Kola Edokpayi is contesting or not is inconsequential, Chris Okaeben should be honourable enough to tell the public his involvement in the darkness the state is experiencing today. Trying to rope his failure to a fellow candidate is cheap and cowardly. If he feels threatened, he should have been honourable enough to resign, and let a deserving comrade step in. Chris is the worst ward 7 can offer, but alas, that is what APC is known for. They pick their worst and make them lead the rest of us, from the Presidency to the State Governors, down to the Legislators.

If Chris Okaeben like, let him eat Amala in ward 6, change his tyres in ward 7, drink palm wine in ward 8, print posters in ward 9, host his girlfriends in beer parlours in ward 10, and play football in ward 11, the chicken will still come home to roost!

Oredo West has learnt its lessons and cannot make the same mistake in 2019. A thief can no longer represent us. The last three years has been the worst that we have experienced here in Oredo West. Chris is a disaster, and we won’t allow it to fester!

I know you will come for me, the way you have been chasing all those, campaigning for other candidates. I will be waiting for you in ward 7.
It seems you have forgotten your history, we will put it on auto replay for you, from now till March the 2nd, 2019!

Com. Ukeke Aiguobasimwin writes from Oredo West.

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