CSO Calls for the Sack of Fiscal Responsibility Commission Acting Chairman


A Civil Society Organization,  the Generational Citizens for Better Leadership Initiative,  has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to effect the removal of the Acting Chairman of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Barr. Victor Muruako.  
Speaking at a news conference in Abuja,  preparatory to a series of actions,  the leadership of the organization Led by John Emmanue called “on the President to remove the Acting Chairman”, for what it termed “actions that are a parody of all that the government of the day stands for”.
According to the organization,  “the Acting Chairman has continued to perpetuate himself in office against the progress of the Commission”. 
The organization stated that the presidency of Muhammadu Buhari believes in probity and accountability in governance,  but “Barr.  Muruako has been receiving the pay of a government CEO,  despite not having the qualifications”.
The Organization stated that the FRC has been performing below its mandate, rather than pushing the Fiscal Responsibility system even to the subnational levels. 
The Generational Citizens for Better Leadership Initiative argued that “FRC has become a parody of all government agency,  being run as personal property of the Acting Chairman who carries on without recourse to anybody on important matters”.  
The organization said that they  “shall be submitting petitions to the necessary anti-graft agencies to act on to save the nation the continuous bleeding of national resources by a one-man management team”.

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