Edo State Deserves Better Leadership, Declares Hon Samson Osagie


Second Term, Not Automatic For Obaseki, he has not earned it, declares Hon Samson Osagie

Former Minority Whip and member House of representatives and Co- Covener of the Edo Peoples Movement, Hon Samson Osagie has taken a swipe at the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki over the latter’s boast that his second term was not negotiable.

In a statement personally signed by him in Benin City , Samson Osagie queried the Governor over the audacity he has to boastfully declare that his second term is non negotiable and that he earned it. Hon Samson Osagie stated that Governor Obaseki has not given a good ,tangible and acceptable account of his stewardship three years into his administration.

According to the erudite Lawmaker and corporate Executive, Obaseki had merely attempted to spoil the APC brand by employing deceitful tactics to give Edo people the impression that he is performing whereas his administration is more of the more you look the less you see.

Hon Osagie noted that Obaseki didn’t need to reinvent the wheel if he had continued with the people oriented projects and programs which the administration he served as Chairman Economic Team instituted and on the strength of which he campaigned for continuity.

According to the him ” Governor Obaseki exhibited the highest degree of infidelity to Edo people and the All Progressive Congress by abandoning projects he participated in sourcing for funds for, and then turned around to blackmail the same government that started those projects. He did that because to continue the funding of those projects will not avail him the quick wins of looting Edo funds as quick as he would like, hence he resorted to all manners of intangible projects like Alaghodaro summits 1 and 2, over 25 Seminars, workshops, talkshops, conferences, trainings using his cronies and allies from other places, over 50 foreign trips for the sole purpose of executing MoUs at great expense to the state without any tangible benefit to Edo people and the party”

So, Governor Obaseki is only dreaming to think that because he is the custodian of our collective patrimony he will intimidate us and hoodwink Edo people to shy away from giving him a run for our money he is amassing to run for second term.

Let this serve as notice to him that some of us are going to present ourselves for next year’s gubernatorial elections and by the time the array of contestants are unveiled, Edo people will not chose deceit over sincerity, rhetorics over substance and a government that has encouraged capital flight from the state over a government that will make sure the resources of the state circulates among its citizens.

For close to three years, Governor Obaseki major achievements are in a few storey buildings in the high court premises and the Secretariat. Schools infrastructures have deteriorated, standard road infrastructures are no longer carried out, drains are not desillted, erosion rendering inhabitants homeless and rule of law have taken flight. Where then is the good governance? Obviously, this is not the APC brand of government that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole laboured to institute in Edo State. So let it be clear to Governor Obaseki and his coterie of sycophants and carpets baggers that real development will come to Edo State not by rhetorics and deceit, but by genuine and sincere implementation of existing master plans in infrastructural development and painstaking approach to provision of social services that will guarantee the welfare and security of the people. This is the only way that the massive security vote, voluminous revenues from the Federation account in various forms and the internally generated revenue can be justified.

Governance is not rocket science and Obaseki cannot school us in the art of good governance. We know it, Late Dr Samuel Ogbemudia gave it to old Midwest Region, Professor Ambrose Alli gave it to Bendel State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole demonstrated it in Edo, what we have now is a far cry.

Edo State deserve better than what we are getting now.

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