Exclusive: Tinubu plots Odumakin’s incarceration.


The 2023 Presidential ambition of Bola Ahmed Tinubu is heating up the South West political space on a daily basis.

In a clear demonstration of the fact that Tinubu wants to crush all opposition in the zone instead of persuasion, he led a group to President Muhammadu Buhari in the name of Afenifere in his boldest challenge to the Yoruba group so far.

He followed this up with his directive to all his structures in South West that anybody who showed up at the launch of Awo’s autobiography in Ibadan on Thursday would enter his black book.

An acolyte of Jagaban in Ibadan confirmed this on Tuesday when he told the organisers “I am sorry, the instruction from Bourdillon is that anyone who attends the event is Asiwaju’s enemy.”

Unknown to many people, Asiwaju’s opposition to Dr Festus Adedayo’s recent appointment as Media Aide to Senate President was not just about the journalist but more about working for The Tribune .

“Tinubu prevailed on Osinbajo to call Lawan and instruct him to reverse the appointment as his enmity with the paper as an Awo establishment was legendary. It is on record how he tried to rubbish Mama HID Awolowo though Sam Omatseye in one of the last battles Mama fought with grace in her departing years. He would want Awo’s memory erased completely ” said a Professor at the University of Lagos who has studied developments in South West extensively.

Perhaps in what is about to be a strong signal to those who insist on politics of value in the region, Tinubu has concluded plans to get the National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere, Mr Yinka Odumakin arrested on frame-up charges the way his late friend Sani Abacha used to do in those heady days.

A source in Tinubu’s camp revealed that their initial plan was to have Odumakin eliminated “That plan was considered expensive as fingers would quickly point in Asiwaju direction if anything untoward happens to him claiming his life.”

They therefore settled for the option of setting him up for incarceration.

As they moved towards the final lap of their plan, they have been trying to alienate Odumakin from his Yoruba constituency.

“A few days ago they started the lie that Odumakin said that Afenifere would direct Yoruba to vote Igbo instead of Tinubu in 2023.
Bola Ilori, a well known cultist and ardent supporter of Bola Tinubu, fully in the know of the plot against Odumakin was one of the busiest people spreading the lie against Odumakin” on the social media, said our source.

When contacted on the matter, Odumakin said he is not in any way disturbed by the development.

“My life is in the hands of God who took the life of Abacha the night before he was to kill Diya” he said.

He recalled what happened to him in 2007 when he supported Jimiy Agbaje against Babatunde Fashola.

“Gunmen stormed my home in a very sinister plot. But the Almighty kept me from them that day and He has continued to keep me. I did my investigation and knew where it came for me. As I escaped the 2007 plot, I will never fall into their snare.” Odumakin said.

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