Foremost Lagos based digital marketer loses mum, pens emotional tribute to her.


I expected to wake up to your usual knock on my door the next morning, the knock that signaled your call for family devotion. And then it dawned on me, these routines were no more.

I miss you so much mummy!
You didn’t just give me life, you gave me a life of value! You gave me all your support in everything that I have ever done. All through my education as an actuary and as I defined my career path.
You were interested in all my endeavors, you even wanted to know everything about Digital marketing and Social media. You’d ask funny questions, you were always online on WhatsApp. You supported me in everything!

I don’t think anyone ever saw you angry or raging. With this calm spirit, you raised me. To forgive easily and forget just as fast. You lived according to the Lord’s Prayer and I am certain God has forgiven your sins as easily as you forgave those that hurt you.

You are now in a better place. I believe the world couldn’t get enough of you… the world didn’t even deserve you, mummy.
Your light shone so bright as you impacted the lives of many, positively. You continued in your parent’s legacy and left a greater legacy of your own.
Every legacy needs a legend, you were one.
I can still see all your sketches, you created a niche with making amazing outfits and you taught a lot of people how to do same; typical of you, and I know for a fact that those you taught will become legends too and your legacy will live forever.

For some reason, You really didn’t want anyone calling me “Mummy’s pet”. You had this special voice when you sung. You loved us, shared all you had with us.
Oh! You were a great Teacher too, a Philanthropist, a CREATIVE! You were and will always be Mama Ifektive.

I LOVE YOU MUMMY. You said you named me “Ifeoluwapo” for a reason…Now I know for a certain that GOD LOVES YOU THE MOST and He has called you home to reign forever by His side.
Sun Re o, Till we meet again.

Ife Ayanniran
(Mummy’s Pet)

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