History Will Be Hard On Buhari – 6334 Editorial

President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria is going through its most trying period since the Civil War of 1967-70. The events of the last three years have been a cascade of unveil tragedies of epic proportions. These events have called into question the the soundness of our electoral choices in the last presidential election. We elected a President we never knew, and today, Nigerians are paying the price of ignorance. The lesson of this is that never again should a people take important electoral decisions in anger without reflecting rationally on it. Nigerians elected President Muhammadu Buhari out of spite for Jonathan’s cluelessness and rudderless administration, by hindsight, it should be clear to all of us, even including people from the North, that we made a costly error. Buhari should have been a candidate that Nigerians of all tribes and tongues should have united to prevent from coming to powers.

This newspaper will offer analysis of why Buhari is the wrong man for office ,given geopolitical sensitivity ,and the impressive and laudable worldviews of our founding fathers- Sir Ahmadu Bello, Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo,who laboured to lay foundation of unity even in diversity.

President Buhari came to decimate the country, his undeclared avowed mission to dismember the labour of our heroes past, and that is the reason every right- thinking Nigerians should unite to vote out the APC administration.

First, take a look at the polity. The polity has been more fragmented, more dismembered, more fractured than it was pre-2015.

The social fabrics of the society have snapped, and life under Buhari has become cheap, impersonal and short. No one is sure of the next moment, and hunger and pointlessness have assumed existential reality, creating great social disruption.

The government does not talk to the people, its key officials and appointees are more eloquent in abusing and insulting genuine criticism, they daily hurl out divisive statements, sow discords among groups and social categories.

The Defence minister has serially assaulted the psyche of intelligent Nigerians by giving the most asinine explanations for the killings in the Middle Belt by saying the anti- grazing law was responsible. A government’s minister ,an ex- army general uttering such inane remarks, when it is obvious the killings had been on before the laws.

We are also saddened that the President himself has in several fora made divisive remarks that showed his hands in the bias line when he said the number of the dead in Zamfara, a predominantly Muslim community outstripped the combined dead in the largely Christian Middle Belt. What a President! It took a lot of criticism before he made his belated tours of the killing fields, and despite his rhetoric of his now trademark assurance of giving the much-terrorised people of the Middle Belt protection, each of his visits was punctuated by killings.

Buhari is the only President in the entire history of the country that has total disregard for unity, federal character and spread. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the entire security architecture of the country is in the hands of a section of the country.

Under his administration, human life has become cheap, and he has condoned without challenge clearly an ethnic cleansing of the largely Christian Middle Belt.

The Fulani herdsmen have introduced a new narrative to the unfolding tragedy of the Buhari administration.

According to account, more people have been killed by Fulani herdsmen than were felled by Boko Haram’s bombs and bullets.

This newspaper could recall that when the matter of Fulani herdsmen was becoming a daily headline, especially when the murderous hordes began attacking the largely Christian Southern Kaduna, the Governor of the State, Nasir ElRufai told the bewildered nation that the attackers were foreigners and that he had paid them off not to attack his people again.

There’s a problem with logical reasoning which this newspaper has identified.

A foreign invading forces came to Kaduna, and the Governor paid them off to stop the attacks!

Yet, the Governor has not been impeached for collusion with criminals ,and for using the stats funds to pay off foreign invaders.

The federal authorities then saw nothing wrong in the Governor’s narrative.

When the Fulani herdsmen’s jihad and ethnic cleansing became much more pronounced and widened in the Middle Belt, the Buhari administration rather than blamed the attackers, heaped the blame on intolerant people of the Middle Belt’ who can not be their brothers’ keepers. Then his Defence minister, Dan Ali reechoed similar sentiment.

Then later, the narrative changed, into unbelievable dimension as if Nigerians are reading a chapter from Franz Kafka’s novels.

The attackers President Buhari declared are from Libya. The genealogy of the mysterious attackers keep changing depending on government’s whims and caprice.

From Benue to Enugu from Ekiti to Jos, Fulani herdsmen keep murdering the people, while the Buhari administration fiddles like Nero, the Roman Emperor.

This newspaper can recall with sadness cases in the Southeast where the Fulani herdsmen unleashed mayhem without police protecting the people, and when the people elected to defend themselves by counter-attack, the police and troops would swoop on them.

To date, no single herdsman has been arraigned by the Buhari administration for killings, yet, there are a couple of Christian youths on trial for killing cows and attacking Fulani herdsmen.

The latest killings of over 86 Berom Christian farming communities in Jos have dispelled any doubt of government collusion.

For seven hours, the herders operated unchecked, killing and burning houses.

According to media report, about 262 Berom men, children and women escaped from their village which was under attack and ran into a neighbouring village where they were protected by an Imam, a Muslim cleric, who decided to house the women and children in his house, while he took the men to the mosque.

The invading Fulani forces then stormed the village but the Imam was said to have refused to handover the Berom Christians to them. The old man cried, begged and prostrated for the killers to leave the Christian farmers alone, and they left.

The report has it that the Imam hosted and fed them for five days before they moved to refugees camp.

The attackers did not attack the village because it is a Muslim community.

The Imam is in the view of this newspaper, a model of what Nigeria ought to be: a country ruled by reason, compassion and common sense.

The Cleric should be singled out for an award.

In Enugu, a couple of days ago, Fulani herdsmen shot at a 13- year old boy for daring to challenge them when his father’s farm was ravaged by cows. The youths were said to have mobilized and killed 20 cows, and when the herders threatened fire and brimstone and demanded for N2 million compensation, the money was promptly given to them.

Eminent Nigerians have talked about the impunity of the killings ranging from General Danjuma to former leaders, Obasanjo and Babangida.

Just last week, the Amnesty International accused the Nigerian government of complicity in the killings and impunity of herders.

The onus before Nigerians is how to prevent the APC from returning to power.

There are many Presidential materials from the North, detribalized, liberal and with a cosmopolitan worldview that Nigerians should support.

It is the task of lovers and patriots of the country to make wise political choices come 2019.

The Northern political elite and the good people of the North should offer Nigeria alternative.

This is the view of this newspaper.

Is Buhari Nigeria’s Pol Pot?

The unfolding events ahead will provide answer. Just this week, the House of Lords in UK discussed the ethnic cleansing going on in Nigeria.

The international community should intervene.

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