I’m A Liar: (A Poem Written By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)

Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele

I’m a liar
For different reasons,
for no reasons, I am.
I’m human by conscience
Not that I don’t tell the truth
But every intelligent being is a liar

Telling lie
Hardly I don’t a day
It might be just once
I tell lies I know, indeed I know
I lie but I pretend.

I’m a liar
I’m a manufacturer
Always claim that my products
Are the best in the industry
While I know, they are not.

I’m a priest,
I’ve told a lie that a vixen made
a mistake by sleeping with another man.
Vixen made a mistake? I laughed.
I lied to rescue a home from a rapture.
Good or bad, I have lied.

I’m a liar
I lie whimsically
I often say, “I’m coming” while still on seat
“I’m on my way please” but still in my room
They are grammatical errors seldom
Most often, they are nothing but deliberate lies

I’m a liar
I’m a policeman, lied to a culprit
“Mr. Man, your maid has told me
you’re the one who killed your wife.”
No maid said that, but for the culprit
To confess and he finally confessed
Lying, now a tool, a means to get result

I’m a liar
While playing on the field
I lie against my opponents
Fall for no cause, infringement
Expected the referee to blow foul
Getting compensated for non committed foul

I’m a liar
I’m a teacher, I’m a parent, I’m a husband, I’m a wife,
Whoever, whatever I am
Whatever I do
If I deny that I don’t lie
Still I lie

I’m a liar
I may tell lie to promote self,
I do so to curry favour, escape danger,
to please God, assist friends, defeat foes,
to win battles, to govern well, to follow well,
to cover up.

I’m a liar
Knowingly or not, telling lies
has become almost inescapable.
Impossible, I can’t lie to myself but
I may do so to others.
Every intelligent being is a liar
And he knows when and why he tells lies.

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