Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson


All through the reign of Seriake Dickson, himself a product of the PDP structure on the state, he has slowly been creating and exploiting fault lines within the leadership of the state to perpetuate himself in power. The issues that greeted the recent sham called primaries in the state were long in the works as the governor and his so called “restoration caucus” had shut out respected leaders of the party for selfish gain.
The governor has grown increasingly vengeful against the very people who brought him out of obscurity, to the point that governance played second fiddle and the people have become disenchanted with the hardship that has been meted on them.
The primary elections presented Dickson with an opportunity to redeem himself and allow the party to endear itself to the good people of Bayelsa state, but alas the leopard refused to change its spots. The governor went ahead to brazenly display his raw hunger for power hatching a grand plot of retiring to the senate, while maintaining firm grip on the levers of decision making in the state through his lackeys.
The leadership of the party at the national level as well as other stakeholders would do well to give more than usual attention to this brewing crisis that, like a sudden cardinal arrest, would consume the party if allowed to fester. Bayelsa people have been PDP through and through since the fourth republic began, but the party cannot afford to go to sleep believing the people will always choose its candidates by default.
The hardships at the federal level do not mean that Bayelsans cannot choose other options of pushed to the wall as the insensitive government of the state is doing on a daily basis. Dickson would be well advised to allow the democratic principles for which the PDP is known to prevail in Bayelsa as the victory of the PDP in the state has always been driven by the fact that the people feel a sense of belonging in its internal processes and governance.
Any attempt to take the people for granted will be met with rejection at the polls and the national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus must make it a cardinal objective to ensure that the state does not fall to predators who call themselves “restoration boys”, the spirit and principle of “Power to the People” must permeate the entire structure in the state for continued strengthening of the hand of PDP in Bayelsa state.

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