International Poverty Day: Create an Enabling Environment For Wealth Creation, PDP Candidate Tasks Government At all Levels


BENIN – Oredo west constituency candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 EDHA election, Hon. Eghosa Asemota Agbonifo has called on government at all levels to ensure policies and programs are instituted geared towards creating wealth and lifting Nigerians out from poverty in commemoration of “INTERNATIONAL POVERTY DAY”.

In a statement issued today, Agbonifo said, during his early age, his mother usually echoed an age-long Benin adage in my ears, which by interpretation means; “when only one person is rich in the family, that person becomes as poor as the rest of them.

“This adage had been my driving force in ensuring I make frantic effort to pull those around me to prosper, as I also strive for prosperity.
It is this same drive that led me into the foray of Nigerian politics, with the intention to help on a larger scale, the good people of Oredo -West, and Nigerians at large”.

Furthermore, he enthused that as the world marks the International Day of Poverty, there was no better time than to lend his voice to that of numerous Nigerians living below the threshold, by calling on the government to do the needful.

“The ‘needful’ in this context is not the ‘trader money’ and the financial handouts given to these peasants to impoverish them the more. The needful here is the judicious use of our scarce resources at all levels of government. And above all the legislation and execution of people-centred policies. Policies that can create a viable economy by encouraging entrepreneurs and investment capitalist to thrive and create wealth for the people”, he added.

“For example, I have never been under the payroll of any government as I started my business at an early age; but day in day out, I am affected by government policies. Either directly as an individual or indirectly by the deluge of request I get from those soliciting help from me. Majority of them are not lazy but are crippled by the gross insensitivity of the government at all levels”, Agbonifo opined.

“The hunger in the land and the high level of unemployment have created the insecurity we are experiencing today. This is why the call for revolution, restructuring and various agitations are taking place all over the country, government must rise to the occasion and save the people from the implosion that would take place if nothing is done.
Therefore, In my own little way, I will continue to, as I have always done, to alleviate the conditions of those within my power.

“The fight against poverty is a collective responsibility. If you have been divinely empowered, please help others!”, he said.

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