Is Hon Okaeben An Enemy Within?



I read with utmost dismay the revelations of the report from the Public Relations Officer (Com. Edigin) of the Edo Civil Society Organization (EDOSCO), with the title: *”Chris Okaeben Needs to be Watched Closely with BEDC”*.

The report stated unequivocally the involvement of Chris Okaeben, the representative of the good people of Oredo West at the Edo State House of Assembly. And below is a verbatim quotation from the article.

“We were invited for the hearing and the management of BEDC led by Funke Osibodu were equally invited. Our case was made on behalf of the people and BEDC also made their submissions. Unknown to us, BEDC had done very good homework on our supposed representatives. We began to receive bashes from them, particularly Chris Okaeben, who acted in a manner of a scripted actor. Unquantifiable humiliation was our lot that day as we left Chief Enahoro Complex disappointed and weeping for the future of our people and our state in general”

“Not long thereafter, the committee held an event in Uyi Grand Hotel on behalf of BEDC. The event was to promote the image of the BEDC. We left the event angry because we noticed that our supposed lawmakers were defending and promoting the oppressor against the people. Classified information available to us revealed that the sum of N13 million had exchanged hands”.

“We do not trust Chris Okaeben in this collective fight against the activities of BEDC. As a committee chairman on power, has anyone ever heard him condemn the operations of BEDC?
At a time, he was planning to help BEDC to sponsor a bill to criminalize bypassing of the meter when he has not to deem it fit first to sponsor a law to criminalize estimated billing or speak up against”.

As weighty as these allegations might be, Com. Edigin would not make it public if they were not verifiable. It is disappointing enough for a government official to put his greed first before the people, but it is annoyingly stupid for an elected official representing the people to be the same person betraying the interest of his people for his personal greed. His disregard for the people and political insensitivity was evident in his ambition to recontest which he tagged ” Fresh Hope”. One would wonder, what has he been offering us, if he is still talking about ‘fresh hope’ after being in the same office for four years?

I hereby use this medium to call on the state government to investigate the activities of Chris Okaeben. It is not just enough to walk out the M.D of BEDC, but party politics should be put aside and all those culpable in the darkness experienced in the state today should be brought to book.

And for the good people of Oredo west, you are lucky that Providence has given you an opportunity to mark the scorecard of Chris Okaeben with your vote. The choice is yours. Do you want to vote for someone that represents himself alone or someone that would carry the interest of the people at the front burner?

We must collectively fight the mole within!

A concerned voter writes from Oredo West!

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