Let’s Think & Vote


It is rather 100% funny that those who are rooted in abject and unprecedented poverty. Are they the front liner of Next Level mantra?

The Next Level mantra which is Fictitious in Nature, a copy and paste initiative and with no blue print or sense of direction is what many of them are glamouring for with no recourse as to where they are now.

Remember it is not what they do to us that matters it is what we rather do to ourselves that truly counts.

In resounding the words of “AA” I ask Are you Better Off Today than You Were 4 Years Ago.

The reason why we are were we are today is because some people who seems  to be more enlighten in their communities and villages are leading the blind ones who are looking up to them for direction wrongly.

Some of us, our sons and daughters are four, fives, and six plus years now and i’ll ask in the last three years what has been the quality of Education of these pupils? Remember this is the Formative Years of their Brain and if we fail to feed it rightly through sound and proper Education their future and hope will be doomed and what will become of them if I may ask. Think!

Let’s think and Vote and Vote for Posterity!

I Stand With Atiku Abubakar.

Austin Prince Idoryen is a social commentator and Spokesperson
The Golden Voice of The Nigerian Youths (TGVOTNY)

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