May 29: A Symbolic Day Of No Impact (A Poem Composed By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)


It’s inauguration Day
That Day the sun came out mildly
Did its daily routine more friendly
And handed over to the moon gladly

I remember the Day
The Day military quitted power
Our nation wore a new garment
Happiness occupied every mind
Celebration like never before
As if that’s the first time ever

Brightened was the day
Not only me saw joy
Even the blind sighted it
Like a fourteen days moon
Sihouetted against the sky
It visited every homestead
Illuminated every corner
We all saw, felt, touched joy

Hope banished famine
Pots resumed duty in every home
Food and wine occupied the table
Toast of liquor, beats invited dances
Everywhere was a dinning, dancefloor
Countrymen wined and dined, happily jigged

Going forward
Hope skyrocketed
Reassurance of old glory intoxicated all
Array of promises doused agelong tensions
Its fulfilment became a common interest

Formulation of different policies
Brought about ephemeral reliefs
Cancellation of many foreign debts
Improvement on international relations
Lifted were different sanction, embargoes

The worse began to happen
As the saviours ressurected corruption
Money laundering, favouritism exhumed
And neglected common men with their crosses

Since then Survival became a rigour
More laws made in favour of their makers
Insurgency, banditry, kidnapping trend
Only those in power are saved, can feed well

The elected saviors are impostors
They fight and entrench corruption same time
Pad budgets, cornered returned loots
Toy with youth welfare, democratise poverty
Altered pump prices beyond imagination

Citizens sell votes against their own sake
Elected misfits, kleptomania one day
And cry woe for all long a tenure
Only a fool repeats mistake over and over.
Are we one?

The day is no longer sacrosanct
Not observed by the countrymen
But well celebrated by the partymen
Sponsored by cohorts cum kinsmen

Oh May 2019!
Oh you inauguration Day!
Sobriety is now your portion
Now, merriment has flown away
Power failure blocks your events
Hmm! Those tabled are now empty
Imagine two decades of no impact

Oh Democracy Day!
Your value will continue to decimate
Until the ailing economy is revamped
Until electoral promises get fulfilled
Until the citizens stop trooping out
Until peace returns in all zones
Until feeding becomes easy
Until youths are employed
Until power gets stable
Until, Until and Until
Until, Until

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