May Day: A Pity Day Here (A Poem Composed By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)

Labour leaders on May 1, 2019

Mayday for the workers
A festival across the globe
To celebrate themselves
Kudos to Fredrick Mockford

In our own clime, Naija
Everything about the day
Is distantly different, odd
Our workers are not happy

Over there, in other nations
No shame being a worker
Dignity and reward are sure
Getting employed is never a knot

Here we are, in the land of honey
Jobs are more scarce than gold
No free job, connection is the key
Endless prayers, vigil to secure one

Gainful employments are reserved
For the few privileged, the connected
Greater percent underemployed
Greatest percent unemployed

Here we are, our Naija
Workers work and walk after retirement
Graduates walk around after graduation
Instead of working, we are walking around

The employees, not well catered for
The unemployed, entirely neglected
The employed always feel unsecured
The unemployed sees no ray of hope

Pensioners live on fake hopes
Opt for prayers and curses
Whichever can release
The due entitlements

Mayday is not in its real element, colour
Just less celebration but more groaning
Ubiquitous display of placards, protest
To express complaints, grievances, pity

Backlog of unpaid salaries
Poor welfare packages
Incessant lay off

Self employed is poor
Private sector is worse
Public sector is the worst
Where is the haven, the succour?

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