‘Men Don’t Want To Hear The Word Equality’ – Female Lawmaker

Hon. (Mrs) Aishatu Dukku

A Nigerian female politician has lambasted her male counterparts in a speech at a special meeting in the British parliament.

Aishatu Dukku, who is a member of the Nigeria’s House of Representatives for a constituency in the north of Nigeria, told the gathering of women politicians from around the world that there is “not a level playing ground” when it comes to getting involved in politics.

She said that there are only 21 women out of 360 members of the House of Representatives.

“For us in Nigeria, you cannot mention the word equality, the men do not want to hear it,” she added.

Ms Dukku is the first woman to represent her constituency in the north-east of the country and she said she broke the taboo of women being involved in politics only with the support of her husband and father.

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