Michelle’s Youth Initiative for Sustainable Development, an Abuja based NGO, has presented its premier, “Beacon of Hope for Nigerian Youth”, award to foremost human rights activist, development advocate and Executive Director of SING Foundation, Comrade Idris Usman. A team made up of members of Michelle’s Youth, led by its founder Princess Mimi, made the presentation, which is made in for commitment to youth community development and impact to life through impact to life through entrepreneurship and philanthropy at his office in Abuja.
Speaking during the presentation, Princess Mimi, noted that the presentation ought to have been done earlier as the Michelle held a programme, which Comrade Usman couldn’t attend due to other commitments. She further pointed out that the award was given “having followed Comrade Idris Usman’s immense contributions to national development through youth development all across Nigeria, without prejudice to ethnicity or religion”, saying that the award “is a call to Comrade Idris Usman to rededicate himself to making more contributions to humanity”.
In his reaction, Idris Usman, thanked the members of Michelle’s for the recognition, even though he had been “working without looking to see who is watching or not, so as to impress”. Usman urged the youth of the nation to “get involved in politics but shun politics of money and materialism, but to work patriotically for peace and national development through accountable leadership”. He urged the youth to remain focused, while promising to continue on his “chosen path of selfless service to humanity and nation building till all Nigerians are able to maintain the minimum standards of life”.
Comrade Usman dedicated the award to his family and colleagues in the struggle for a better Nigeria, who have never given up and continue to strengthen him in the face of insurmountable challenges.

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