Mind Not The Panners (A Poem Written By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)

Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele

That you dare to start
What they thought impossible
Believe no other than them can’t do
You have wronged, erred them.

Now that you’re thriving
Beating their imagination
Recording success, accolade
They ought to pan, bellitle your efforts

All attempts to bring you down
Remain their only preoccupation
They will hunt for your faults
Misconstrue your words and deeds

Don’t mind the panners
Remain focused, targeted
Stay unawed by all odds
And shoot at your target

Panners exist everywhere
In the clan, they could be found
So copious in offices, neighbourhood
Except in the grave where rivalry is tabooed

Panning would continue to exist
Until the world ceases to exist
As no one knows when it will end to exist
And the world will never cease to exist

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