Mobilizing Support For Governor Obiano By Egbuna Amuta

There is no denying the fact that Governor Willie Obiano is very popular with the people. This is easily interfered from the deluge of endorsements which have greeted his quest for another term in office.

These endorsements are actually predicated on his good governance and delivery of verifiable democracy dividends in less than four years.
Governor Obiano has placed the most emphasis on protection of lives and property. This explains why the well being and human development index of Ndi Anambra is today rated by the World Bank as highest in sub-saharan Africa. With the conducive socio-economic environment and establishment of Anambra State Investment Protection and Promotion Agency, ANSIPPA, the state has become the investors’ haven. 
Awka, the state capital, which hitherto was a glorified village, has been transformed to a befitting city. With water tight security, completed and ongoing electrification of strategic streets across the state, night life has returned. Entrepreneurs, who before now, scampered away due to insecurity, are returning in deluge while new investors are opening shops everywhere.
For the first time in the history of Nigeria, a government initiated a Choose Your Project program whereby each of the communities in Anambra has been given twenty million naira to execute projects of its choice. More than seventy per cent of the communities have already completed theirs and collected another tranche of twenty million naira to commence new ones. The sixty-one registered markets in the state have equally collected ten million naira each for projects in their business locations. Governor Obiano has assured that the initiative would be continuous beyond his first tenure.
From eighty thousand metric tonnes of rice production before March 17, 2014, Anambra today, produces over three hundred thousand metric tonnes of rice. Due to the hardship precipitated in the country by economic recession, Obiano, unlike his contemporaries, introduced an economic relief package for less privileged persons in Anambra state. The package included abolition of taxes and levies on hawkers and wheel barrow pushers, levies in public schools and reduction of levies on "okada" riders and "keke" operators.
At a period when most states in Nigeria are not able to pay salaries and pensions, the present Anambra government is seamlessly meeting its obligations to its workforce and retirees. Yet, it did not collect bailout funds from the federal government. Also, Anambra is today the least indebted state in Nigeria. This is probably informed by the fact that Obiano is a financial management expert. Work has commenced on the construction of an airport city at Umuleri to be completed before the end of Governor Obiano's second tenure in 2022.
Therefore, all workers, pensioners, traders, industrialists, religious groups, traditional rulers, Ndi Onowu, town union executives, women and youth organizations and indeed, all men and women of good will, who still remember the horror Anambra passed through and the menace of armed robbers and kidnappers before Obiano came on board, would mobilize voters to return Obiano in the coming governorship poll. 
No doubt, Obiano is constitutionally bound not to run for another term after 2022, unlike his rivals who might want to serve two terms of eight years, if elected. This would definitely generate bad blood in some quarters. Therefore, the re-election of Governor Obiano would be the best alternative for the Anambra electorate in the November 18 gubernatorial election.

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