My Husband Smokes Indian Hemp, Wife Tells Court


My husband is a drunkard. He smokes Indian Hemp and hard on drugs. Anytime he is high, he always descend on me, beating life out of me, please separate us now. I don’t want to die because if I die, it is my mother who will suffer.”

A 39-year-old -trader, Kolade Adebisi told an Ikare Akoko Customary Court while giving evidence in her case before the court.

Adebisi had approached the court seeking the dissolution of her five-year-old marriage with her husband, Kolade Lateef.

She was seeking an end to the marriage on the grounds of frequent fighting and beating, threat to her life lack of care for her and the only issue of the marriage and no more love.

Adebisi told the court that her husband who has not been performing his matrimonial responsibilities was fond of beating her.

“My Lord, he started beating me immediately I got pregnant for him. Each time he beats me I nearly died. As a matter of fact the last time he did, the scars are still on me”

“He doesn’t give us food and does not pay our daughter’s school fees. I am the one paying our house rent.”

When asked by the court if there has been no effort by family members to intervene, she disclosed that their pastor tried, but could not resolve the matter.

The defendant, Kolade Lateef was however not in court to defend himself.

The court which observed that the defendant was duly served with the court summons said his absence in court without any reason meant a flagrant disrespect to the court and therefore will proceed to hear the case.

In its judgement, the court observed that the marriage has faded and the two are free to go their separate ways.

The court President, Mr S.S. Rotimi with whom was Mr Francis Gbiri therefore dissolved the association.

The court ordered that the only issue of the marriage, a four-year-old girl should continue to be in the custody of the plaintiff pending when she is of age when the defendant can come to court to take custody of the child if he so wishes.

It also ordered the defendant to be paying the sum of N3000 monthly from the ending of August, 2018 as feeding allowance.

It also granted civil visit to both parties without molestation while the right of appeal was given within 30 days.

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