Nigeria @59: Politicians should work towards a better NIGERIA


The Nigerian Independence usually is a day we all looked  forward to growing up.
As a child of a classroom teacher, I was inundated with information concerning our independence. The hopes and aspirations we had as a people when we were declared free to have self-government.
Growing up at  First-East Circular, in the ancient city of Benin City,  I remember with nostalgia how we looked forward to eating chicken and rice on such days, and of course, with the waving of the Nigerian flag to complement it. In such days we were very proud to be called Nigerians.
I recall one particular Independence day celebration when I asked my mother, ‘why do we need to have March past every independence day?’ And she told me it was to remind us that we are marching to the promised land, the Nigeria of our dreams and the Nigeria our founding fathers had in mind when they sought for our independence.
Whether she said it just to keep my curious mind busy, or she really meant it, I cannot tell, but one thing I know was that she sold a vision to me, She made me see every Independence day celebration as a march to where we ought to be as a people.
Howbeit, as at today, I can no longer tell my children if we are marching forward or backwards. I can not tell them if the march past really meant that we are marching towards our common destiny of ‘Faith and Peace, Unity and Progress!’
The failure of leadership has not only derailed us from that prosperous path but has also sowed hopelessness and despair among us. This is why the rate of migration is at an all-time high. The youths that are supposed to be the strength of the nation are migrating in droves out of the country, both skilled and unskilled. 
Today, international communities now see large immigrants from Nigeria as a nuisance, thereby treating them in an inhuman and unimaginable manner.
What do we expect?When the parent of a child cannot take good care of the child, do you expect outsiders to care better?
Reports from the streets today would make any sane leader shed tears.
From New Benin Market to Ogiso Market, From Osa Market to Agbado Market, traders are complaining of low patronage, Even the emergency chicken sales points that used to characterise every junction along First- East Circular road, are no more there.
 Who would bring chickens out for sale when there are no buyers?
Poverty has held the people captives!The staple food is no longer readily available, Farmers can no longer provide yams, cassava, and rice that were once regular crops in the state, due to insecurity. If they are not raped in their farms by herdsmen, they are kidnapped by human parts racketeers or sold for ransom by those trading kidnapped victims as a business.
In all of this, the state government is busy using the state resources to fight political battles. The representative of my constituency, Oredo-West, at the state House of Assembly is still on self-exile due to the political disagreement he has with the Governor.
The constituency as it stands has no voice in the State House of Assembly.
Today, the state Governor and his political appointees across the state would mark the Independence day celebration with pomp and pageantry. 
They have been insulated from the hardship they created, so they think.
 But someday, when these people have nothing to eat, they would turn back and face their oppressors.And that time is very near!
On this note, I call on the good people of Oredo-West to hold on to hope against all odds.
They should not forget that ‘darkness may endure for a night,  but joy comes in the morning.’
The night might be long, dark, and filled with terror, but we must not lose faith, for the dawn of a new day draws nigh!
We shall have victory at last!
In light of the hope of a blessed future, I wish you all Happy Independence!
One day, we shall be truly free!
God bless Oredo-West!God bless Edo State!!God bless Nigeria!!!
Eghosa Asemota AgbonifoPDP Candidate, EDHA, Oredo-West constituency.

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