The One Nigeria Is Possible Initiative having carefully observed and analysed the current situation of our dear country hereby wishes to contribute to challenges confronting contemporary Nigeria.

In a press statement realease to media houses on thursday in Abuja by the converner Benedict Aguele said The One Nigeria Is Possible Initiative has held series of engagements with its membership, which is spread across all the states of Nigeria, and indeed members of the public and other key stakeholders from all walks of life.

It is our observation that many politicians seem to frame narratives about this challenges that confront our country, a sizable number of which are the results of their failure to strengthen institutions of governance at all levels, as though these things occur in isolation or independent of other factors.

First and foremost the security challenges confronting Nigeria are complex requiring a mix of local and transnational interventions from multiple actors and institutions, rather than the current trend of trading blame and heating up the polity.

Aguele further stated that History teaches us that nations at different levels of development are confronted with different degrees of challenges, incidental to their internal and external peculiarities.

Nigeria is not an exception as the challenges like terrorism that confront her are multinational on nature and caused by decades long failure on so many levels, requiring multi constitutional and multinational effort to combat and defeat.

Our series of town hall meetings and other engagements reveal that indeed Nigerians remain committed to the continued corporate existence of Nigeria, in spite of the tendency of certain selfish interests to divide them across ethno religious cleavages.

Aguele also urged Nigerians to rise above these primordial seeds of division, being down by these divisive elements amongst us, and live together in peace and progress. Through dialogue to establish and strengthen common grounds, Nigeria can defeat all terror in all forms and reclaim her place as the giant of Africa.

We all must put the Nigerian project over and above any other interests, be they religion or tribe, as we can not afford to fail our founding leaders that sacrificed personal comforts to set Nigeria in the right path.

The One Nigeria Is Possible Initiative will continue to preach peace through its networks of members and structure nationwide as we embark on the arduous task of building an egalitarian society that defends all citizens without prejudice to their tribal affiliation.
Long live Nigeria!

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