Nigerian Engineers Breaking Global Records


The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE, has been breaking grounds at the international arena with series of unprecedented accomplishments.

The World Federation of Engineering Organisation in a letter signed by its Executive Director, Jacques de Mereiil reveals that the former President of NSE, Ifedayo Akintunde has emerged as the winner of the 2017 World Federation of Engineering Organisation Medal of Engineering Excellence.

This award will be bestowed on him during the World Federation of Engineering Organisations Gala Dinner at Rome on December 1st, 2017.

It is the first time an Africa will ever win in any category of such awards since the maiden edition of the awards in 1989 in Prague, the defunct Czechoslovakia, during the 12th General assembly of the Organisations.

In addition to the forth coming meeting in Rome is another history in the making for Nigeria and Africa, being the endorsement of Engineer Mustapha Balarebe by the Federation of African Engineering Organiiations to contest for the position of President of World Federation of Engineering Organisations.

His nomination and endorsement for the position is premised on the enormous achievement recorded by the Federation of Africa Engineering Organisations during his tenure as the President of the engineering body in 2015-2016.

Similarly, the President NSE, Ottis Anaeji has been inaugurated as the new President of the West Africa Federation of Engineering Organisations.

The outgoing President Organisations, Mrs Carlien Bou-Chedid who is also the President of Ghana Institution of Engineers conducted his inauguration during NSE 50th National Engineering conference and Annual General Meeting which attracted top government officials in Nigeria and other African countries in Abuja, Nigeria.
Also at the event, four other Nigerian Engineers were conferred with Honorary Fellowship, due to their contribution to the development of engineering in Nigeria

This year’s conference being the 50th in the series aimed at setting agenda for the Nigerian government on engendering good governance, spurring economic growth and stimulating the technological advancement for Nigeria.

The theme of the conference diversification of the Nigerian Economy: engineering Perspective was carefully chosen to lend insight on how Nigeria can shift away from depending on oil and diversify its economy.

NSE President, Mr Anaeji said any nation that seeks to diversify its economy without the inputs and participation of engineers is simply embarking on an exercise in futility.

Base on this, the recommended that developing, protecting and managing of the pipeline would enable an exponential increase in resource utilization and spur the much needed economic development in Nigeria.

They also called on the government to develop the metallurgical and material industry to enhance Nigeria’s ability to produce its spare part and equipment, thereby saving the foreign exchange outflow to be spent in the importation of spare part and equipment.

According to them, government’s subvention is required to assist foundries to modernize and acquire state of the art foundry technology, which they said is yielding positive result in other sector.
Their recommendations also included a call for the government to embark on capacity development in modern welding technology and quality assurance should be enhancing through inspection and standardization, while work place, health and safety of practitioners should not be neglected.

They also suggested that all stakeholders in the pipeline sector should strengthen inter-sectorial collaboration to share best practice and promote desiring improvements in critical areas

They added that awareness campaign should be mounted on the proven techniques for mass and cost effective manufacturing and production of goods and services.

Their recommendations were part of their resolutions at the recently concluded National Conference and Annual General Meeting in Abuja Nigeria.

Partners and experts from local and foreign investors, 15 delegates from Ghana and Sierra Leone participated in the conference while 16 accredited companies and organisations 

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