Not Only The Sick: (A Poem Composed By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)


The sick aren’t limited to only
Those ones lying on the bed
Feeling uncomfortable, weak
Receiving treatment, instructions

Not only the sick
Everyone is a casualty
Carers, sympathizers, doctors
Friends far and distant ones are

The sick are well treated like newly born
Sleep inside, on the bed, well covered
But caregivers sleep outside like goats
Exposed to cold, mosquito bites and fears

Not only the sick feel the pains
Loved ones run helter-skelter
Relations always in panic, fear
Resume deeply in prayer, fasting

Stay at home too not at rest
Not sure of the sick’s condition
Though waiting to see him again
To receive him healthier than ever

Physicians as well, not exempted
Hope to discharge the patient alive
Research and consult, go extra miles
Prefer smiling farewell to parting tears.

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