Dear Godwin Obaseki,

I will save the pleasantries for another day as I know that all appears not to be too well.

Of all the opens letters I have written to you, many which you have appreciated, I think this one should “hold all the aces” at these perilous times.

These are indeed trying times for us in Edo state and the choices before you are àfew.

The music is playing now and you must dance your dance,dance for your survival and try to dance the guns to silence….The Great Ken Saro Wiwa would have written in an ironic manner.

I wish to share some thoughts with you;

Firstly, you must extinguish your executive cabinet immediately and get rid of the spoilers from within. You must completely annihilate every “low key” ally of Oshiomhole in your government. You can bring back those you risk trusting but Hon Paul Ohonbamu and Hon Christopher Adesotu should have nothing to do with your cabinet going forward if not I will “come for your balls”.

Secondly,those twisted men who are the tools of Oshiomhole today,who were his handiwork yesterday,who were oiled by diverted tax payers monies,who were given to the extravagance of Oshiomhole’s foolishness and cannot cope without government bribe today,you must go after them one after the other and take back every plot of land they acquired by “lawful” theft while serving under the thieving Oshiomhole government. The cars they brandish today, purchased through the pilfering of state resources, you must collect everyone of them. Even to the girl friends they have, you must divorce them with alacrity and make an open shew of them if there must be any triumph to be included in your political biography after now.
These are men that will utterly destroy you if you take these actions not for they have congregated and they are many.

Then to the mental hobos who ran ventures with ludicrous nomenclatures that made them billionaires during the fiendish Oshiomhole days, you must light a candle right below their coccyx( yansh bone) and burn out their feathers and allow us write an ode for them and the twerps that support them. These one simple wants to be in charge of revenue collection again.

Then to the Local Government Chairman who were selected and are now willing spears to the former Governor, the law provides a legal framework to get them to align. Get your Speaker elected ASAP and move to the field.

You are in a battle with a wicked man, twisted in all his ways and enjoys the kind of tussle performed in a pig sty and so,you must get into his gutter and defeat him with wisdom.

These are desperately vindictive moves critics of this post may say but in a fight with a devil,there are no “saintly” rules until the spoils of war are taken delivery of.

I am not a member of the APC,I have no plans becoming one,I am watching closely the political space just now but in this battle against the devil,I have joined you. I know the devil was instrumental in your ascension but let’s deal with him first before we come to you

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