Open Letter To Captain Hosa Okunbor,


By: Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor

it is difficult for anyone not to admire you and celebrate the remarkable achievements that you have made. It will be ludicrous not to count you amongst the Benin sons that have written their names on the sands of time. You are indeed one of our sons of consolation and that’s why I have bothered to write you this open piece to seemingly admonish you and possibly offer some suggestions.

In all the “nonsense” herein,you may pick a line of two with some sense but these are simply the regurgitation of my thoughts and an effervescence of my views on the “rumours” in town as touching your wish or if I like,the pressure on you to participate in the 2020 Gubernatorial race in Edo state.

One thing I am matter-of-fact of is that many Edo politicians like you,to many you have supported financially their political struggles and there is a sense in which this should be payback time to you if the rumours making the rounds are by any imagination true but permit me to break the news to you sir———-> These ones ‘that like you’ have but one focus; To make merchandise of you,make mockery of you,make an exposè of you and deflate your lifeboat as you travel through the pestilential waters of Edo politics.
As you read this, there’s been a fantastic exploration and seismic drilling of some of your antecedents that will even shock you when revealed. Some of which should never be heard let alone made to dance on the media space.
This by no stretch is written to deter you by any means but my heart is discombobulated at the superfluity of mockery that these men have àwaiting for you. They are even reaching out to those who took the proverbial bullet for you asking them to spit it out and we always know how that works and how it ends.

Do you possess leadership qualities!
Do you have the ability to manage men and resources!
Have you exposed your mind to the inter workings of 21st century governance!

These no doubt you may possess by some good measure just like all those who may aspire to govern Edo too but I see twisted men in Khaki only waiting to take advantage of you.

I read a piece where it was purportedly reported that your media aide laughed it off as a rumour and that you had no interest in partisan politics just yet but if experience has taught me anything, it is not to laugh off popular rumours and thus I have written you these thoughts.

You are a loved man! A composmentis homosapien I will add but count the cost before you lay the pipes. These pipes are not like you have ever laid and in my view,you shouldn’t lay.

Keep your name! Keep your honour! Keep your money! and I will appeal;Keep your baggage!

Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor wrote from Benin.

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