Oredo West House Of Assembly Hopeful Lends His Voice As The World Marks Human Rights Day



As the world celebrates Human Rights Day, I want to lend my voice to the actualization of a world, were the seven cardinal human rights are upheld and respected.

Across the globe were democratic processes are practised, the legislative arm of such governments are often at the forefront of human rights struggles.

This has not been the case in Nigeria, as those that were supposed to be our voice are the ones trying to shut us up. The plans to crumple social media activism, the proposed passage of the hate speech bill, is an indictment to how much our representatives have made themselves our oppressors.

When elected into office, Human Rights abuses will not be condoned under my watch.
Yes, I can not do it alone, but I will not mind being a lone voice than to join the majority to do evil.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Justice for all!

Eghosa Asemota Agbonifo

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