Our Candidates Are Exceptionally Innovative – ZLP


The National Publicity Secretary of the Zenith Labour Party, ZLP; Comrade Segun Jones said penultimately that the party is molding a crop of outstanding men and women to lead their people in their various constituencies. He said that, these are men and women of impeccable characters and very creative in their thinking beyond the ordinary.

He spoke at the Segun Odegbami Campaign Headquarters in Abeokuta recently while on official tour of the South West to deliver messages of hope, support and encouragement to the various candidates of the party.

On the current crisis rocking the two major political parties in Ogun state, that is; the APC and their PDP counterpart, Segun said that Zenith Labour Party has become the party to join and vote for in the forthcoming general elections to move Ogun state forward in her quest for selfless leaders devoid of personal aggrandizement or the interest of a few individuals.

He stressed that, the governorship candidate of the party in Ogun state, Olusegun Odegbami who is being courted as a timely political benefactor of the crisis has all it takes to lead the state out of the woods. He said, Odegbami’s leadership essence, popularity and his ability to direct the affairs of men in all ramifications makes him the man with a date with destiny.

“I am not in doubt that Zenith Labour Party has come to stay in Ogun state. The leadership of the party in the state are constituted by men and women who can think outside the box. For example, our governorship candidate, Olusegun Odegbami is attributed to be a man of well-oiled character. As a footballer, his cool-headedness, strength, camaraderie and sincerity of purpose off and on the pitch has been acclaimed as exceptional. Such men when they lead, the people rejoice”.

As a matter of fact, Odegbami has made the people his first priority and identifying the talented thinkers in the state to place them in a preeminence position in order to get the best out of them and reposition the state. He is a reservoir of knowledge whose exposure and adherence to global best practices in all his actions and deeds stands him out, Segun stated.

Speaking further, he said Comrade Richard Gbawuan is flying the party’s governorship flag in Benue state where he would change the narratives if voted into office. “As a Comrade, he displayed a very high sense of commitment to duty and exhibited uncommon magnanimity to those who crossed his path. Comrade Richard Gbawuan is a force to reckon with when it comes to generating creative ideas for the development of the country”.

Gbawuan has advanced that Federal Government should put an end to the cankerworm called ‘federal allocation’. According to him, Benue state have never had any serious leader in government to transpose the state in line with the comparative economic advantages the state has over her neighbors in major agricultural products. In his opinion, a palm nut has over 23 derivatives which if well tapped into by the state government would generate enough revenue for the state to develop at a steady rate thereby raising the living standard of the people.

Gbawuan was quoted as saying, every household in Nigeria uses palm oil for one thing or the other but it is not every household that uses petrol. These are the kind of characters Zenith Labour Party is producing for the development of their various states, the National Publicity Secretary of the party concluded.

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