Politics is a system of acquiring and managing government control of interest from the colonial era, Nigerians had been organizing to take over power from the colonial masters and since independence different power blocs have emerged at different times to take charge of different levels of government and different regions.

Edo state, which emerged from the old western and Midwestern regions of the first republic and the old Bendel State up till 1990 had always lived up to its billing as “the Heartbeat of the Nation due to the political vibrancy of the people.

The state is popularly described as a microcosm of the larger Nigerian Federation due to the multiple ethnic groupings and tribes that make up the state.

Interestingly the motion for Nigeria’s independence which was set in motion and has come to be known as Nigerian history was moved by a young Anthony Enahoro, who happens to hail from Esanland in the present-day Edo State.

The politics of Edo State has always proven to be very vibrant and highly competitive making those who emerge as representatives of the people, work extra hard to win their trust and support.

Stakeholders have aligned and realigned over the years, which have seen a number of stakeholders take strategic positions that have had to change depending on the trend of the tides and times. One such gladiator is Prince Tony Omoaghe who recently announced his return to the APC fold after a sojourn back to the PDP in 2015.

In the early days of the PDP it will be recalled, Prince Tony Omoaghe former Deputy National Secretary of the then ruling PDP who is known for his firm yet humane disdain for injustice in any shape or form had worked tirelessly behind the scenes mending fences among those who were aggrieved and the leadership of the party thus paved the way for a reelection victory for then-Governor Lucky lgbinedion, President Olusegun Obasanjo and other PDP candidates.

Eziza as he is affectionately called by associates and well-wishers had been known for playing the role of political bridge-builder right from the days of the old Bendel State where he played a very active role in the emergence of the first democratically elected governor of the state Prof Ambrose Ali.

His natural charm presence of mind and effortless ability to find common grounds among seemingly conflicting interests earned him to friends and foes with equanimity traits that he has consistently deployed to win political battles with ease for decades.

His return to the APC fold, is especially strategic coming at a time when there seems to be a crack emerging between the incumbent governor of Edo State and the National Chairman of the party, his skills of diplomacy would strengthen the party and help it to consolidate its foothold on the reins of power in Edo State in the forthcoming governorship and future elections in the state.

His experience garnered from the second republic to date, would definitely prove vital to the success of the APC as the party is sure to benefit from his stabilizing influence in political affairs.
He has had many stints in leadership positions, having been Special Adviser to the President of Senate among others.

His teeming supporters who has stayed loyal over the years and party faithful have been rejoicing having their hope renewed that Eziza will bring stakeholders to the table in re-energizing the All Progressive Congress in the Edo State.

Mohammed Basah, is the Managing Editor of Corruption Reporter and a public affairs commentator. Mohammed, who hails from Etsako East Local government Area of Edo state, wrote this piece from Abuja.

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