Public Affairs Analyst, Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor writes an Open Letter to Edo People’s Movement (EPM)


Dear leaders and members of the Edo People’s Movement (EPM),

I bring you calvary greetings from inside ugbogiobo and I hope this little piece of mine meets you all well!

As it is now my tradition,I write letters when I feel there’s an issue to be addressed, this isn’t because I studied letter writing but its born out of my admiration for Apostle Paul who was in the business of writing letters to the churches when he wanted to address a matter,Deacon Kenhinde Garrick Osemwengie will bear witness of these as I have read him quote some lines from Paul’s several letters.
Like his letters,I want mine to be read by many and made reference to in the coming month of sundays.

It is true that the EPM is made up of some very fine gentlemen and women whose desire appears to be the betterment of their party the APC but ultimately to get into the battle arena with Gov Godwin Obaseki and possibly edge him out as Edo prepares for an election soon.
I actually have no direct business with that desired goal but a red flag any sane mind will have to raise with the Edo”Ego” Peoples Movement is the choice of their desired brand ambassador who for whatever he is worth is a 4 time Grammy Award winner for the several singles and collabos he has released this year alone. His vocal variety and video production(which we hear was shut in California near Amagba) is unparalleled and we hear his song is being danced to even in strip clubs in Evbuotubu.

How the EPM expects enlightened people to take her seriously beats me hollow when the face of the group and the one who I have eulogized and apotheosized above is one of the many Mr Adams Oshiomhole illegally made multi billionaires while he was overseeing pilfering and pillage of state resources as Governor.
These ones whose only claim to fame was the ripping off of market women and men, managing brazen theft of the monies of hardworking bus drivers for the 8 years.
As if that was not enough,these twisted men were treated as gods by the police even when they harassed Edo people on a daily and acquired property wherever they liked even if it was by force. Who can forget how they drove around the city in convoys of SUVs and manhandled the faces of those they may not have liked how they looked.
These same ones so “empowered” by the small man were the first so be taken out the show when Godwin Obaseki became Governor and for the first time in 8 years,Edo people felt like human beings again,there was No-body to Molest them and no Tony to ‘Kabaka, them anymore. We saw how these 2 especially where boxed and stopped from stealing from the people and the sigh of relief that greeted the entire state shortly after…

These same brigands(to put it mildly) are now heading the EPM and sadly,they have some of my Distinguished senior brothers as allies and they pretend to tell us that they want Godwin Obaseki out because of incompetence!!! Even to aves, that will be too ludicrous a story to sell. But who will tend them!

Should the EPM perpetuate their enterprise and get hold “again” of the coffers of Edo state,it simply means that these two will again reign terror on the state,harass and maim at will and begin anew the raping of the little earnings of market women and bus drivers and ofcourse take land from those who have nobody to fight for them.

Godwin Obaseki in my mind won the hearts of the people when these notorious 2 where excused from the exalted seats they had for almost a decade and no matter what we say,we cannot take that away from the gentleman.

For those of us on the other side, we are praying fervently for God to strengthen you guys to sustain this internal crisis in the APC to the best of your abilities.
May he also grant your image maker and brand ambassador the inspiration to release more songs and get more Grammy nominations đź™„.
If Godwin Obaseki knew his onions, the emergency Grammy award winner would have been singing from inside inside Oko prison by now for the myriad of atrocities he has created in the state but alas! What do I know!

Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor wrote from inside inside Ugbogiobo.

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