S-h- o- c- k- e- r: Edo/ Delta, Where Commercial Sex Workers Lives In Face Of Horrible Experiences


Nosa Akenzua, Asaba

The lurid prostitution trade in Edo/ Delta states have continued to take an unimaginable length of sex as most areas where commercial sex workers frequent currently thrive in all kinds of businesses including Indian hemp smoking in an uninterrupted modus operandi

While sex trade in these states have turned out to be very lucrative, investigation revealed that despite the law against prostitution, and heavy policing, including poor economic hardship, rampaging commercial sex workers have increased their” tariff” for their customers who in most cases do not bothered in the use of protective Condom ( s) rather engage them in flesh to flesh at five to six rounds with the help of hard drugs as sexual lasting solution.
Further investigation revealed that landlords/ landladies in these states have converted their houses to lodges for quick money raging between N3,000 and N4,000 every outside the Commercial Sex Workers engagement in” Quickies” Pupolarly known as” short time.
For  short time services,  Customers are strictly subjected to payment of N2 ,500 including the settlement of N5,000 for the” temporary wife” and in not less than twenty minutes game even at the face of disarming romantic styles.

Survey has shown that the number of brothels, hangout Joints in the cities and its environs where these sexual intercourse practitioners frequent almost every day, except Sundays, have increased within a short period and has created housing for them who are between 21 and 22 years of age and are very hot in the practical sexual bouts.

Most preferred areas in EDO/ Delta are: Opposite GrandHotel, Asaba, around Shopping Mall, Asaba, Sumit Junction, Interbau round about, Nnebisi road, Cable Point, Umunede Stop Over, Uromi Junction, Agbor Benin express way, Ubulokiti Community along express way, Gagas night Club, Jakpa junction, Effurun Uvwie road, among others in Delta state.While in EDO state has the following:Motel Benin Plaza way, Ikpokpan Avenue, Ugbor road, Sapele road, First East Circular road, Dawson Talk of the City, The Pupolar Iyaro Ekene Guest House, Kalamazoo Sakponba road, Avele Auchi stop over, Oluku Junction, Etete road ,Benoni way, Oko – ADP road,  Tunel and Time out hangout including Ihama and Big Jeo Ikpoba Hil stop over, among others.
It was gathered that under the cover of the night, these women of easy viture assemble on the long stretch and wait patiently like birds of Prey in the midst of Marjuana and heavy Cigarette smokers as they clad in skimpy dresses that barely cover their nudity with not too expensive Nokia touch handsets which they disguise to hoodwink unsuspecting travellers, Motorists and sex hungry men.

It sad to note that even teenagers of 14 and 15 years of age or even younger also ply the trade in those areas often under the tutelage of some other experienced older ladies who share from where proceeds the teenagers make and most cases give them out to top politicians, business men and others who are desperately willing to pay any amount of money to have sexual intercourse.
It Iyaro Ekene Guest House, Sources said that these Commercial Sex Workers don’t wear pants as they flaunt their bodies before men who throng the Joint during night fall to drink and watch live ponographic films Ochestrated by the easy virtues who for a round of sex collect between N5,000 to offer blow Jobs during the sexual intercourse under mind-blowing and disarming romantic love songs.
Insiders said that the Prostitutes also engage in love potion and charms they Pupolar referred to as”do as I want or as I say” after making payments to some Powerful native doctors who in turn prepare Charms in Merrikeen Powder for them to rob on their faces after their bath before moving into the hustling business venues.
Esohe, 21 years old in Benin who also engages in Prostitution said” what I make every day is not less than N10,000 even though at times we suffer in the hands of unususpecting sex hungry men, some we are beating mecilessly by Customers who pretend to be nice until they take the person home, apart from the beaten, some of our customers make love to us like Jackie after taken drugs that will make them very hard and they are very hard during love making”
Residents of these areas who Spoke to our Correspondent on  Condition lamented the increasing number of prostitutes Parading their vincinities from night fall till the following day and in most times wee hours of every day, while a large number of the residents complained about the current situation blaming it on the greed of landlords and property owners. But a landlord who pleaded anonymity told our Correspondent” it is more lucrative to convert to lodges for prostitutes than to tenants who will have difficulties in making payments for rents at the end of the month especially as Nigeria economy has failed to the abyss”
Police Commissioner in Delta state, Adeleke Adeyinka who spoke to Journalists said”we have arrested several of these Prostitutes, and released them after interrogation, some of them were also arrigned in the court, some are aiding Criminals and our Patrol teams have arrested many and detained them for no proper Identification in the means of livelihood”
Chioma, another Commercial Sex Worker who spoke to our Correspondent, said” in most cases we run for the police and settle them when they are pursuing us in the night and some of us who cannot run are beating mecilessly and the police will collect money from us with force and at they will dump us in the bush during wee hours, especially around Sumit Junction, Shopping Mall, Opposite GrandHotel Asaba and Others, we suffer a lots of humiliation from the Police and our Customers”

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