Sallah: Osun Farms Presents Affordable Rams To Public


Selena Farms, the concessionaire of Oloba Cattle Ranch, has said the company is now offering affordable rams for sale during this Sallah period.

This was revealed during a recent visit to the farm. Whilst speaking with journalists, MD of Selena Farms, Mr. Sola Omidiran noted that with the support of the state government of Osun, the farm has continued to grow since it was the concession to them.

Omidiran noted that the sale is done via order on their website,

Selema Farms took over Oloba Ranch from the State Government of Osun in July 2016 for the primary focus of Livestock Farming, Processing and Ranch management. The ranch currently has 6 pens each with the capacity to accommodate 700 animals. Their production target, for now, is 250 goats and 60 cattle weekly.

Since Selema Farms took over the ranch, they have been engaged in goat and cattle fattening, and also recently engaged in ram fattening specifically for this Sallah.

The state government had in 2012 established Oloba Farm Settlement, in Iwo, where 1,500 hectares of land was acquired and a 78 hectare cattle ranch established for the fattening of cattle and goats.

The ranch has the capacity to produce 10,000 cattle amongst other livestock being raised for meat production. Recall the Osun State Government sent 40 youths to Germany to acquire modern agricultural techniques on livestock farming in 2015. Some of the German-trained farmers work in partnership with Selena farms.

Olumide Ojo, one of the German trainees now resident at the Oloba Cattle Ranch, said he and other trainees are in high spirit as they have begun another batch of 45 days goat-fattening beef production for the coming festive season in December.

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