Two Islamist Militants Beheaded

Currently 7,200 military forces serve in the US Africa Command

A militia in Mozambique has captured and beheaded two Islamist militants, according to Carta de Moçambique newspaper.

Residents in Cabo Delgado, in northern Mozambique, are reported to have taken the law into their own hands in retaliation for the sporadic raids and killings carried out by Islamist militant group Ahlu Sunna Wa-Jama, locally known as al-Shabab.

The group, which has no known ties to the Somali jihadist group of the same name, decapitated 10 villagers last May.

The recent revenge raids seem to have been sparked by an attack against the village of Lilongo early on Wednesday morning.

The government has encouraged communities to hand over suspected wrongdoers to the relevant authorities.

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