Why Ndi Anambra Should Vote For Obiano By Emma Offor

Any rational thinker must confirm that indeed, Governor Willie Obiano has done so well in about forty-four months. He easily stands out as an oasis of hope.

Not only has he shown that there are better ways of handling important sectors as security, agriculture, education, support to industries, trade and commerce, but Willie Obiano is the first governor of Anambra State to take aesthetics seriously. From the commendable provision of “road furniture” on many roads across the state to the dazzling streets that now shimmer with brilliant rays at night, Anambra is beginning to wear a new look. 

In addition, Obiano’s forecast of the crash in oil prices leading to some of the measures he implemented to put Anambra on a strong footing; his swift response to the recession with a well-crafted Economic Stimulus Package, his rising to the occasion as demanded by the season to honour distinguished Ndi Anambra are just a few of Obiano’s quick-thinking initiatives that his opponents will have a tough time to match. 

When we also remember his symbolic memorial for Ndigbo who lost their lives in the Biafran War, we see a leader who is as obsessed with tomorrow as he is concerned about yesterday. There is also a widening circle of development across Anambra State. Roads matter a lot to Ndi Anambra. No community wants to be cut off from the spreading circle of development. But new roads are being constructed nowadays beyond the earlier target of providing access to the agricultural belt and the industrial clusters. 

As a result of all these, the pack of candidates in different parties challenging Obiano will have a tough time explaining to Ndi Anambra why a governor who cleansed the state of crime, put the state on the agricultural map, sustained its position on the educational map, extended development to every community with the twenty million naira Community Choose-your-Project Initiative, opened access to the oilfields of Aguleri, lighted up the state with sparkling streetlights and changed the state capital for good, should not get a second term.

How would they convince Ndi Anambra that a man who made it possible for them to sleep with both eyes closed does not deserve the chance to do more? Would doling out money, as is their wont, cut down Obiano’s popularity? Would the often blunt-edged calumny campaign whittle down the importance of his staggering achievements?

Above all, Ndigbo detest imposition of any kind. This is the reason why the British had a tough time with our ancestors who refused to be beaten into shape with the colonial indirect rule system and its contrived impositions. This is also the reason any marauding 'army' will fail in Anambra, the heart of Igbo nation.

Interestingly, impartial observers of Anambra State under Obiano have made the decision fairly easy for Ndi Anambra. When they crowned him The Sun Governor of the Year, Silverbird Man of the Year, Vanguard Governor of the Year and the New Telegraph newspaper gave him an award for Outstanding Performance, they made the task of choosing less difficult for Ndi Anambra.

And when received the Ziks Price for Leadership and a University in Rotterdam awarded him a Certificate of Recognition because “through his visionary leadership, strong motivation and commitment, he has managed to bring a radical change to his country’s development and empower future city changers,” they actually made his choice a sacred duty that Ndi Anambra must perform to stay in right standing with the rest of the world.

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