With Challenges, Life Is Bittersweet – (A Poem Composed By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)


Please, mention his name?
I mean that man, yeah,
Who has no difficulty
That’s challenging his life.

Where’s he?
I mean that man, yeah,
That leads his life,
Without having issues,
Confronting him.

The powerful, the rich, the priests
Are not without theirs, even more
Confronting them or they confront daily
Adversity brings comfort, satisfaction
The only man without challenges had gone since

Tell that man,
That’s free of it,
Tell that man,
That’s facing it,
Not to give up
Challenge is not a curse
Life is bittersweet.
Difficult morning, comfortable night

Every greatman had faced,
And had conquered theirs,
Of different nature, measures,
With faith, with hope, they won.

A man without a challenge,
Call him an impostor, fake,
That can’t define his existence,
Thus, let’s hope for a challenge,
In humility, prayer, action its solution lies
With faith and efforts we overcome

Challenges faced,
Challenges conquered,
Achievements recorded,
Existence valued, measured,
Target set, Hope got, renewed,
Life redefined, Goal accomplished,
And our living be well acknowledged.

Life is labyrinth
Not all challenges are bad
Though some make, others mar
Whether it would be conquered or not
Attempts must be made

Challenge is a pointer that,
Fired unexampled discovery,
Worthy knowledge, experience
Towards attaining greatness.

Only a fool,
Makes mockery,
Of those facing challenges,
Not knowing his already standing
At his threshold struggling to open the door

Once a challenge is overcome
Another may resurface
Like the moon at sunset
Life itself is a challenge
That’s how we continue to live
Till the Omega closes the gate.

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