Within Five Minutes: (A Poem Written By Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele)


Devil branched in our street
Truly, I saw him at work
He employed two friends
Really made use of them
And Got his best out of them

That mere fight over age
Began like a mild drama
Me in company of my family
Saw off a family friend to bus stop
On returning, we were fortunate to watch
That a free, interestingly shocking live match

Detobe and Jiye
Two foolish friends
Turned a mere argument
Into a serious fracas, mayhem
No one attempted to separate them
A five minutes of an uninterruptedl show
They were so free to batter each other
Hmm! Blood wasted in gallon not in pants

I’m older than you, Detobe claimed
I’m not your mate, Jiye responded
The former attempted to pull his belt
The latter just picked a broken bottle
Deepened it so deeply into the former’s cheek
Butchered a big quality and quantity of meat
We saw Detobe’s tongue without opening his mouth
Blood was not only oozing but gushing out freely
Like from the neck of a big butchered Sallah ram
Immediately, Detobe became a one sided cheek man.

After two minutes of wrestling
Tobe succeeded in collecting the bottle
Drew map of the world on Jiye’s head and face
He succeeded in turning a bushy head to a skull
The duo of them had been reshaped, redesigned,
Just within five minutes the show came to an end.
Then journey to enrich doctor and nurses’purse began
With fear all the onlookers parted the scene, shivering.

Till Jesus reappears
Both of them will live to regret
For allowing devil to employ them.
Anytime they sight a broken bottle
Fear must envelope them from head to toes.
Never again they’ll get involved in an argument
Peradventure they live to survive the pains.

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